Open My application from my keyboard extension in swift 3.0

I am trying to open from my keyboard extension. I am having custom keyboard and I have add that keyboard from setting. On my custom keyboard there is one button “Show More”, and I want to open my app on this button click.

So I have tried following code :

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  • let context = NSExtensionContext()! as URL, completionHandler: nil)
     var responder = self as UIResponder?
     while (responder != nil) {
          if responder?.responds(to: Selector("openURL:")) == true {
               responder?.perform(Selector("openURL:"), with: url)
          responder = responder!.next

    It is working successfully, but as we know in swift Selector("method_name:") is deprecated and use #selector(classname.methodname(_:)) instead so it is giving warning. And I want to solve that warning. So I have tried as Xcode automatically suggested :

     if responder?.responds(to: #selector(UIApplication.openURL(_:))) == true {
          responder?.perform(#selector(UIApplication.openURL(_:)), with: url)

    Also tried :

     if responder?.responds(to: #selector( == true {
          responder?.perform(#selector(, with: url)

    I have also tried others possible ways, but no luck. If anyone know how to do, please let me know.

    I referred this link, Julio Bailon’s answer :

    openURL not work in Action Extension

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    Following code works on Xcode 8.3.3, iOS10, Swift3 without any compiler warnings:

    func openUrl(url: URL?) {
        let selector = sel_registerName("openURL:")
        var responder = self as UIResponder?
        while let r = responder, !r.responds(to: selector) {
            responder =
        _ = responder?.perform(selector, with: url)