overall bytes in Xcode Instruments reaches 1 GB is that ok?

Here is my question.

I tried to check my allocation part using Instruments in xcode.
I am doing some image crop Application using CGImageSourceCreateThumbnailAtIndex for processing the images. while doing the process it is taking to much memory and i released it in right manner.

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  • This image shows how memory is released

    In Instruments the live bytes is 1.56Mb , #living = 22,862 and Overall bytes reaches 1.11Gb after that also it will increase.

    This application is not working in ipad1. i dont have ipad2 or 3 in hand to test the application.

    In the image some peak points are there. At that point Live Bytes reaches 73MB. and it will be released. will ipad 2 handle this peak ??

    Peak point reaches 73MB

    Can anyone tell this will cause any memory Problem in device.

    How about the overall bytes. is there any limit for this?

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    yes since overall bytes is just the number of bytes that were EVER allocated.

    The longer the app runs, the higher the no.