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iPhone crash that only happens on one phone

I’m seeing a particular crash on one phone that I can’t replicate on other phones. I’ve copied the symbolicated crash file below. Has anyone else seen something like this? Can anyone shine some light on this? Incident Identifier: D679377A-67D8-4601-91D4-FEDFD4C1D5FD CrashReporter Key: 461dbf2d247a9faa589cea9165651af34e107a72 Hardware Model: iPhone3,1 Process: ThisApp [11984] Path: /var/mobile/Applications/1C70C2B3-56F6-4FD7-8298-7E58818917B7/ Identifier: ThisApp Version: ??? (???) […]

SKShapeNode producing crash sometimes on dealloc EXC_BAD_ACCESS

In my main scene I create 4 walls with this method: -(void)createFirstWalls{ CGFloat maxY = CGRectGetMaxY(self.frame); Wall* wall1=[Wall wallWithRect:self.frame color:[self randomColor] position:maxY andSpeed:speed]; Wall* wall2=[Wall wallWithRect:self.frame color:[self randomColor] position:maxY+distance andSpeed:speed]; Wall* wall3=[Wall wallWithRect:self.frame color:[self randomColor] position:maxY+distance*2 andSpeed:speed]; Wall* wall4=[Wall wallWithRect:self.frame color:[self randomColor] position:maxY+distance*3 andSpeed:speed];”1″;”2″;”3″;”4″; [self addChild:wall1]; [self addChild:wall2]; [self addChild:wall3]; [self […]

Wait until all iOS blocks are executed before moving on

I have a data model/store object that interfaces with the Internet over several APIs containing data. The number of APIs to be interfaced with is dynamic: from a conceptual standpoint, we can consider the endpoints to be strings in an NSMutableArray. The issue is that I want to notify views/other observers of updated data after […]

iOS 7 XCode 5 Storyboard set orientation to Landscape

I have set the allowed orientation on the project settings to Landscape only. Now I want to design on the storyboard, but the storyboard is portrait, I only support Landscape so I try to make the storyboard orient on landscape, I go to Simulated Metrics, and I didn’t see anything that says “orientation”, just ViewController […]

Reset NSTextField's text to empty string — setText: doesn't work

I have an NSTextField, and I need a button to reset the text of the field. How would I do that? I have been trying this: [textBox setText:@””]; textbox.text = @””; That does not work, but I have researched, and found nothing on how to set the text, only how to get the text.

Difference bewteen declaring a NSString with alloc and init and assigning with @“myString”

Currently I’m troubled with a small understanding issue on Objective-C. As example following Aaron Hillegass’s book, I’m wondering about assigning an NSString in the init method of a class a value like in this example (For people who know the book, this is used in the Person class of RaiseMan): – (id)init { if(![super init]) […]

UILocalNotification Repeat

I want repeat on the Every Sunday and Monday How can I achieve this?

Release ad-hoc ed expired provisioning

sorry for my bad english but i’m italian. I have to release an app that will work on only a few devices. What should I do when the provisioning profile expires? Will the app continue to work or should I release it again with the updated profile? thx all

Cocoa app system restart

Do you know any way to forcing restart an Mac OS computer from code? I tried an small applescript code without result. Applications ask for shutdown to the user so the user could stop the restarting procedure. Regards

Why does tableView dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier:CellIdentifier return null?

I am using xCode 4.2 to build an iPhone app. I don’t know why this statement UITableViewCell *cell = [tableView dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier:CellIdentifier]; is null sometimes and not other times. I am going to state two scenarios, the first one where cell is not null, and the second one where it is null. Let me start with […]