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Why would Xcode 4 not be breaking on exceptions?

Just recently Xcode 4 has stopped breaking on exceptions. Every exception causes the debugger to stop at UIApplicationMain with no stack trace. I have a breakpoint set on objc_exception_throw (confirmed by GDB logs) Breakpoints are turned on (confirmed by GDB and other breakpoints work fine) LLVM GCC 4.2 is my compiler Enable Objective-C Exceptions is […]

What is the difference between Targets, Executables and Products in Xcode

In Xcode under Groups & Files panel, what is the difference between Targets, Executables and Products?

Recorder Service Error: Left Mouse Down: Failed to find matching element – Xcode error

I’m trying to automate my mac app by XCTest. While trying to record the app from XCode, I got this error message: This happens when I tap on a button. The button hierarchy is.. Button -> Stack View -> NSView Here, button is the subclass of NSButton, I added buttons in a stack view. That […]

How can I change modifier keys in “System Preferences > Keyboard > Modifier Keys…”

I need to programmatically change the values of the Caps Lock, Control, Option and Command keys in “System Preferences > Keyboard > Modifier Keys…” I dont want to use AppleScript. Could someone point me in the right direction?

ObjCMongoDB broken? I can't get it to work

Full Disclosure: I’m not an educated programmer, and the entirety of my programming experience is in Javascript and Objective-C. So now you know what you’re dealing with. Tread carefully. No sudden moves. I’m writing an iPad app which talks to a Mac server. I’d like to use MongoDB for the backend, and ObjCMongoDB looks like […]

How debug after closing application

I am trying to reproduce issue, which requires to close and reopen my application with a specific location. Here’s my questions: 1) How can I view my logs (using NSLog command) when my iPhone is not connected to XCode? 2) Is it possible to set specific location (like center of the city) for iPhone simulator […]

Xcode Memory Leaks detection in Unit Test

Is it possible to test if memory leaks occur when running a Unit Test? I want to check if my memory management is handled correctly. Thanks

Interface Builder broken on Framework projects using Cocoapods 1.0

After migrating to Cocoapods 1.0 none of my XIBs or Storyboards that uses custom IBDesignable renders correctly on dynamic framework projects. It fails with errors like this: file:///Users/xxxxx/workspace/FooFramework/FooFramework/View.xib: error: IB Designables: Failed to update auto layout status: dlopen(FooFramework.framework, 1): Library not loaded: @rpath/Alamofire.framework/Alamofire Referenced from: FooFramework.framework Reason: image not found file:///Users/xxxxx/workspace/FooFramework/FooFramework/View.xib: error: IB Designables: Failed […]

Game Center Player Display Name Always “me” in the sandbox

I am using the user’s Game Center display name and player ID in order to maintain their profile on my server. When I went to test this, everything appears to execute properly, but the user’s display name for my sandbox account shows up as “Me,” rather than my display name attached to my account, “Billybobbo.” […]

EXC_BAD_ACCESS when using std::function w/ std::bind

After upgrading to XCode 5 using std::function with std::bind appears to be generating EXC_BAD_ACCESS exceptions. It looks as if the __base pointer inside the implementation of std::function ends up being null, resulting in the bad access, but I’m not clear on why that would be the case. Does anyone have an insight into either what […]