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File transfer over the air with iPad

I have an iPad app that outputs a PDF file that needs to be uploaded to a remote server. What are my options here? Is there a sFTP or FTP implementation for iOS that would help me achieve this? Can it be done using other protocol? Thanks!

Can 'expressionValueWithObject' method interpret numbers as floats instead of integers?

I am making a calculator that logs input in a label named “inputLabel’ and then outputs the answer in a different label named “outputLabel” (similar to a graphing calculator). Once the user is finished entering the expression, the expression is stored in an NSString object and then parsed with the NSPredicate class and evaluated with […]

Convert integer to hexadecimal

I just need to convert integer to hexadecimal. Actually I have a char array in which I am storing hex values. int var; var=[self getValue]; char hexValues[5]; hexValues[0]= 0x02; hexValues[1]= 0x04; hexValues[2]= [self getHexFromInt:var]; Now what I think getHexFromInt() returns an hex int value equivalent to the passed decimal “var”. It will not contain 0x.. […]

Is it possible to read the contents of a web page into a string so i can parse out the data?

I’d like to be able to get my iphone to load a URL( or really the file that the url points to) into a string. The reason I want to be able to do this is so that I can then parse the string looking for tags and extract some values from it. The files […]

how to test MFMailComposeViewController in simulator

Is there a way to test sending emails from MFMailComposeViewController in iphone simulator ?

method with 2 return values

I want to call a method which returns two values basically lets say my method is like the below (want to return 2 values) NSString* myfunc { NSString *myString = @”MYDATA”; NSString *myString2 = @”MYDATA2″; return myString; return myString2; } So when i call it, i would use?? NSString* Value1 = [self myfunc:mystring]; NSString* Value2 […]

Thread safety guarantees for Objective-C runtime functions?

What are the guarantees about thread safety for Objective-C runtime functions? Are there any? I am talking about the functions declared in runtime.h (e.g. class_lookupMethod, objc_setAssociatedObject).

How to create nested array or multidimensional array

I am trying to figure out how to do either nested arrays or multidimensional array for iPhone SDK programming using objective-c. My data would be something like this, 3 columns and rows from 10 to 50. name department year John Sales 2008 Lisa Sales 2009 Gina Support 2007 Any help is appreciated

Is iAds not available for iPad apps?

I have an iPad app, which has a requirement for iAds. But in Library I could not find Ad Banner View. Is iAds not available for iPad? I am using iOS SDK 4.1 What are the other alternatives for implementing in an iPad app? Please Help and Suggest Thanks.

Why to use in Objective C constructors?

Say I have a class named Item. Which is a superclass of NewsItem and TwitterItem. If I want to create some NewsItem’s do I have to use (inside constructor) self = [super init]; If yes, why? In Java/C# I would just do, NewsItem n = new NewsItem(); I don’t have to do anything with superclasses […]