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What kind of normalization is used by Swift string comparisons?

Elsewhere I’ve seen it told that Swift’s comparisons use NFD normalization. However, running in the iSwift playground I’ve found that print(“\u{0071}\u{0307}\u{0323}” == “\u{0071}\u{0323}\u{0307}”); gives false, despite this being an example straight from the standard of “Canonical Equivalence”, which Swift’s documentation claims to follow. So, what kind of canonicalization is performed by Swift, and is this […]

How to change letter spacing in Swift?

I’d like to change the letter spacing in the title of my navigation bar but I’ve had no success so far. Thanks in advance.

How do I access and use an entity using Core Data

It’s time to use Core Data, but the open documentation and guides out there spend a lot of time talking about general setup and nitty gritty “behind the scenes” details. Those things are important, but I would love a quick, clean source showing how to actually use information stored in a Core Data model. The […]

Subclassing Parse's PFUser in Swift

First off, I know similar questions have been asked before and I’ve tried following the advice of this stackoverflow answer here to no avail. I also tried adding the basic gist of this as a comment, but I don’t have enough rep yet 🙁 Basically I am trying to use PFSubclassing to extend Parse’s PFUser […]

Swift 3: Transfer Utility enumerateToAssignBlocks method signature

Official AWS docs contains the following objective-c code AWSS3TransferUtility *transferUtility = [AWSS3TransferUtility defaultS3TransferUtility]; [transferUtility enumerateToAssignBlocksForUploadTask:^(AWSS3TransferUtilityUploadTask *uploadTask, __autoreleasing AWSS3TransferUtilityUploadProgressBlock *uploadProgressBlockReference, __autoreleasing AWSS3TransferUtilityUploadCompletionHandlerBlock *completionHandlerReference) { NSLog(@”%lu”, (unsigned long)uploadTask.taskIdentifier); // Use `uploadTask.taskIdentifier` to determine what blocks to assign. *uploadProgressBlockReference = // Reassign your progress feedback block. *completionHandlerReference = // Reassign your completion handler. } downloadTask:^(AWSS3TransferUtilityDownloadTask *downloadTask, __autoreleasing AWSS3TransferUtilityDownloadProgressBlock […]

UIImageview Programmatically in swift

I’m just trying to create a UIImage View programmatically, I have a new view and I tried doing this let imageName = “yourImage.png” view.backgroundColor = UIColor.colorWithPatternImage(UIImage(named:imageName)) This code doesn’t work. please help me as soon as possible

Keep TabBar when moving to another view controller

I have a storyboard like this -> NavigationController -> LoginView -> TabBarController -> VC1 -> VC2 I didn’t manage to make a “move” from VC1 to VC2 keeping the tab bar. I tried the followings : Segue (Show type) self.performSegueWithIdentifier(“toVC2segue”, sender: self) instantiate programmaticaly : // prepare for future display let storyboard = UIStoryboard(name: “Main”, […]

Documentation about compiler options for Swift

Hello, i want to start running some microbenchmarks on Apples Swift-language. However i feel it is hard to find proper documentation for the different options in regards of compiler optimization. I have read a lot of questions and articles about other peoples microbenchmarks of the language, however it would be nice to have some firm […]

Swift – Using popViewController and passing data to the ViewController you're returning to

I have an optional bool variable called showSettings on my first view controller which is called ViewController, and I’m popping from SecondViewController back to ViewController. Before I pop, I want to set the bool to true. Seems wrong to instantiate another view controller since ViewController is in memory. What’s the best way to do this? […]

How to set background image in swift?

I am trying to set aground image to my ViewController in swift language. I am using the following code : self.view.backgroundColor = UIColor(patternImage: UIImage(named:”bg.png”)!) But the app is getting crash.It is showing the error like “fatal error: unexpectedly found nil while unwrapping an Optional value”(Because of the “!”)