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_OBJC_CLASS_$_SBJsonParser referenced from: error

I am getting below error when I try to compile my project in Xcode. Undefined symbols for architecture i386: _OBJC_CLASS_$_SBJsonParser referenced from: … I tried following but still the problem persists? Appreciate any help. Removed “NSObject+SBJSON.m” and “NSString+SBJSON.m” files and added back to Compile sources of Build Phases. Added i386 for Valid Architecures in Build […]

XCode Interface Builder Background color

I’m a newby in XCode/iOS development, and I want to change bakckground color of my label (XCode 5.0): Opened my storyboard Chose my label on the left side Opened attributes inspector on the right side But this tab has got settings of font, alignment, but no background color options! There is “View” section at the […]

Applying a Word Limit to a UITextView

How is it possible to apply a word limit to a UITextView in objective-c/interface builder.? I have been searching for a while and have found character count but not word count… Cany anybody give me any pointers…

How to autoscale the contents of a WKWebView?

To autoscale a webpage inside a good old WebView in Swift, all I had to do was: var w:UIWebView w.scalesPageToFit=true I cannot find an equivalent method for a WKWebView, and webpages appear too big in my app. How can I autoscale the contents of a WKWebView? -I am using Xcode 7 and Swift

'Provisioning profile' options missing from 'Code signing' Xcode 6.3

I’m no longer able to view or change my provisioning profile in Xcode 6.3. I’d like to switch back and forth between dev and adhoc whenever, but I can’t get the options back and it seems that all of my certificates, signing identities, and other provisioning profiles are fine. I assume that the program is […]

How do I build Universal binaries (ppc/i386) using Xcode 3.2.2 for OSX?

I am trying to build a universal binary for a project at work, but I can’t seem to get Xcode set up properly to do so. I am familiar with the Apple Documentation regarding this, but apparently I am not reading it correctly. The Xcode build options in question seem to be: Architectures Base SDK […]

Cannot get App built on OS X 10.9 to run on OS X 10.5

Problem I’ve recently upgraded my build environment to Xcode 6.1.1, running on OS X 10.9, and now I’m having trouble getting my application running again under OS X Leopard, 10.5. For the target, Base SDK is set to OS X 10.6, and OS X Deployment Target is set to OS X 10.5. Inspecting the build […]

Weird xCode linker error I've never seen before saying “Assertion failed”

Built this game through Unity, and managed to compile through xCode once before. Without any apparent changes, however, this error message turns up. I don’t understand where to start looking for a fix, but maybe someone else have a clue? I’ve seen similar looking errors through searches, though the fixes seem arbitrary compared to mine. […]

AVPlayer Can't Play

I want to play a remote mp3 with AVPlayer. I can’t make it work and I can’t see the reason why it doesn’t work. Code: NSString *urlstr=@”..some link to a mp3″ NSURL *url=[NSURL URLWithString:urlstr]; self.player = [[[AVPlayer alloc] initWithURL:url] retain]; [player play]; The link is valid. If I load it in a webView it plays […]

How to get a line-numbered stack trace for a memory leak on Mac OS X?

I’ve managed to get the Xcode leaks tool to report leaks in my command-line GCC Ada program (by adding delay 11.0; at the end to let leaks make its checks) and then $ export MallocStackLogging=1 $ (./foobar &) && leaks foobar which leads to (excerpted) Process 52027: 18 nodes malloced for 2053 KB Process 52027: […]