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How to save locally PDF or other files in iOS

I’m developing functions to read PDF and Save it locally on iPhone and iPad. I’m building this to iOS 6.1 and more, so I don’t have any constraint for the SDK. So, I wanna know what’s the best and simple solution to write contents locally (whatever file). Perhaps somebody knows a lib to do this […]

RestKit : How to manually set the value of a managed object property?

How to manually set the value of a managed object property in RestKit when it’s managed by the object manager ? I created a RKObjectManager with a persistent store for core data persistence. I added a RKEntityMapping and a RKResponseDescriptor to the object manager. Now I can call to object manager like this : [[RKObjectManager […]

Add spaces between words in spaceless string

I’m on OS X, and in objective-c I’m trying to convert for example, “Bobateagreenapple” into “Bob ate a green apple” Is there any way to do this efficiently? Would something involving a spell checker work? EDIT: Just some extra information: I’m attempting to build something that takes some misformatted text (for example, text copy pasted […]

Can I have custom UILocalNotification repeat intervals (i.e. weekdays only?)

I would like to be able to schedule a UILocalNotification to repeat at the same time every day, but only on weekdays (no Saturdays or Sundays). Is this possible using the repeat interval feature of UILocalNotification, or is my only option to create some kind of class that handles the time and date and works […]

Image rotation in iOS

I want to rotate an image by 360 degree delay for 2 or 3 seconds again rotate it by 360 degree and the process should continue on. Any possible suggestions for the same ? Actually tried Cgaffinetransfom but its not working for 360 degree .

UITableView In Edit Mode – Pressing Delete Makes My App Crash

My UITableView has an Edit button which adds an “insert row” (with a green plus). If I try to delete a row while in Edit mode, my app crashes with “NSRangeException”. Deleting a row while NOT in edit mode (using swipe-to-delete) is fine. I know this is to do with how many rows the table […]

Using PLCrashReporter, can you receive events before the crash?

We want to do additional processing (i.e. log the current state) once PLCrashReporter has detected an error (either an exception, signal, etc.) but before the app terminates. Does anyone know if this is possible using PLCrashReporter?

Creating and using iOS settings.bundle values with JavaScript in PhoneGap

Is it possible to create a section in the iPhone settings app, using PhoneGap (v1.4.1)? I cannot find anything pertinent in the PhoneGap API. My aim would be to use the user-set values in JavaScript. I imagine that if PhoneGap does not currently have this functionality, it is possible to perform this task with a […]

-: count of objects (0) differs from count of keys (2)

I am getting the error of -[NSDictionary initWithObjects:forKeys:]: count of objects (0) differs from count of keys (2)’ here is my code in saving the plist. @interface setting : UIViewController{ UIDatePicker *datePicker; IBOutlet UILabel * morningtime; UIDatePicker *afternoonpicker; NSString*morningtime1; NSString*afternoontime1; IBOutlet UILabel *afternoontime; } @property (nonatomic,retain) IBOutlet UIDatePicker *datePicker; @property (strong, nonatomic) IBOutlet UIDatePicker *afternoonpicker; […]

Retrieve SSL certificate fields in the didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge

Our application communicates with server over HTTPS. We want to re-verify the SSL certificate fields on the client side. e.g. I want to verify the CN field of the SSL certificate issues from the server during HTTPS connection. Is there way to retrieve fields information in the didReceiveAuthenticationChallenge()?