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gtest.h file not found googletest xcode 7.0

I’m trying to setup google testing framework for my c++ project following this guide in xcode 7.0 I got to the last step Build and Go but after hours of searching online I can’t get my test project to run. The compiler does not seem to find the headers it needs. main.cpp:9:10: ‘gtest/gtest.h’ file not […]

creating constant jump table; xcode; clang; asm

I have quite strange issue when try to create the jump table in my asm program for iphone (arm64): .globl my_func my_func: … //jump (switch) table .L.f_switch: .short .L.case0 – .L.f_switch .short .L.case1 – .L.f_switch … .L.case0: //some case code … .L.case1: //other case code After compilation this table is filled by zeros instead of […]

Can I disable the debugger in Xcode 4?

I would like to not use the debugger (gdb), though I want to get output from my application (from stdout and stderr). I find that I never use it, I always use NSLog (or, for C printf and for C++ std::cout). How can I disable the debugger (even in the debug configuration)?

How do they make those fancy Splash screens?

Although I currently only have one app out in the App store, I have several in the works and was wondering how users are making their splash screens. I have seen several very cool animated ones and was wondering if this was all done via code or is it just something you would make in […]

Linker errors with Boost on Mac (OSX 10.10.02 | Xcode 6.1.1)

Recently I started working with Boost on Windows for a project. It needs to be cross-platform so I also installed it on Mac. Unfortunately; whenever I add it to the Xcode project it gives me a big slew of linker-errors and conversion-warnings. Example of one of the linker-errors: Undefined symbols for architecture x86_64: “boost::system::system_category()”, referenced […]

(iOS, XCode 4.2) Setting bundle version using Git post-commit hook causes my project to turn into a Mac project

I’ve decided to start versioning my project “the Apple way,” using “Bundle versions string, short” for the “marketing version” (i.e. 2.0.1) of my project, and “Bundle version” as a build number (e.g. 42). To that end I’ve added a Git post-commit hook to call agvtool next-version -all. This does in fact work — Info.plist is […]

getting a warning setting up delegate for a custom protocol

i added a custom protocol to one of my classes and i am getting a compiler warning when i attempt to set the delegate during a prepareForSegue: method. the warning i get is… Sending ‘MyCustomViewControllerClass *const __strong’ to parameter of incompatible type ‘id<NSFileManagerDelegate>’ the project builds and runs and everything works fine minus the warning. […]

No provisioning profile with a valid signing identity .No matching provisioning profiles found, xcode, ios

This message shows under identity –> Team No provisioning profile with a valid signing identity(i.e. certificate and private key pair) matching the bundle identifier “com.myname.appname” were found. Why is this.please help me with this. I can test with simulator,but cannot test with my iphone. This is how the keychain shows I changed my mac password […]

Minimum Xcode version to upload to App store

I currently use xcode7 and for compatibility reasons i have to rest with it. I have to expect that xcode 7 will soon be incompatible with apple store?

How do I add files to the Copy Bundle Resources build phase with an Xcode4 Project Template

I’m working on an Xcode 4 project template and I’m struggling with controlling the files that get added to the Copy Bundle Resources build phase–header files get added that I do not want to be copied into the project bundle and a file that I do want to be copied does not appear in this […]