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Getting correct color of status bar in ios

Okay I am having some trouble coloring my status bar. I have a pretty simple app that moves between two views. I tried coloring the status bars of the navigation controller with this code [[UINavigationBar appearance] setBarTintColor:UIColorFromRGB(0x067AB5)]; But it did not work until I removed the “navigation controller’s” status bars and dragged status bars into […]

stop UIimageview animation at last image

NSArray *imageNames = @[@”2_00000.png”, @”2_00001.png”, @”2_00002.png”, @”2_00003.png”, @”2_00004.png”, @”2_00005.png”, @”2_00006.png”, @”2_00007.png”, @”2_00008.png”, @”2_00009.png”, @”2_00010.png”, @”2_00011.png”, @”2_00012.png”, @”2_00013.png”, @”2_00014.png”, @”2_00015.png”, @”2_00016.png”, @”2_00017.png”, @”2_00018.png”, @”2_00019.png”, @”2_00020.png”, @”2_00021.png”, @”2_00022.png”, @”2_00023.png”, @”2_00024.png”, @”2_00025.png”, @”2_00026.png”, @”2_00027.png”, @”2_00028.png”, @”2_00029.png”, @”2_00030.png”, @”2_00031.png”, @”2_00032.png”, @”2_00033.png”, @”2_00034.png”, @”2_00035.png”, @”2_00036.png”, @”2_00037.png”, @”2_00038.png”, @”2_00039.png”, @”2_00040.png”, @”2_00041.png”, @”2_00042.png”, @”2_00043.png”, @”2_00044.png”, @”2_00045.png”, @”2_00046.png”, @”2_00047.png”, @”2_00048.png”, @”2_00049.png”, @”2_00050.png”, @”2_00051.png”, […]

Receiver type for instance message is a forward declaration popToRootViewController

I’ve seen similar questions on this error. But I’m not sure how it applies in this instance This is the error Receiver type for instance message is a forward declaration And this is my code. MyAppDelegate *appDel = (MyAppDelegate*) [[UIApplication sharedApplication] delegate]; [appDel.secondTabNavController popToRootViewControllerAnimated:NO]; What’s the problem here and how do I fix it ? […]

iOS Google Drive integration

I want to integrate with Google Drive in my iOS app. I’ve done the code for authorizing and I’m getting the accessToken back, so I wanna know – where to go from there in terms of retrieving the PDF files from Google Drive. My login code: – (IBAction)signInButtonTapped:(id)sender { NSURL *issuer = [NSURL URLWithString:kIssuer]; NSURL […]

Facebook Messenger not showing up with UIActivityViewController

I am using UIActivityViewController in my app to provide options for users to share some text. Apps like facebook, twitter, whatsapp once installed they automatically show up as options with UIActivityViewController, but not Facebook Messenger. Any special set up I need to do with Messenger? I am using objective c.

The 10.6.3 os x update broke simulated key-presses for Nestopia

The iPhone app that I released is a wireless game controller, it translates touches on the device into key-presses on the networked Mac. This allowed for playing emulator (e.g. Nestopia) games using the iPhone as a controller. Of course, the day that I released it coincided with an os x update. After installing this update, […]

split stereo audio to mono streams on iOS

Apologies if this has been answered. I’ve seen lots of questions but no good answers. I’m trying to export stereo music from my iPod library to two mono caf files. How can I do this on iOS? I’m currently using Objective C. Thanks! Update: I’ve managed to get the sample code working from apple thats […]

Setting WEAK to a non @property variable

Will need someone with knowledge of ARC to help me. Basically, I have declared some variables as such in my class @interface Class{ NSString* one; NSString* two; } @property(nonatomic,weak) NSString* one; As you can see, I can set the weak identifier to NSString* one. However, I do not need a getter/setter/synthesizer for NSString* two as […]

How to use get all NSLocalization using genstrings while preserved current translations

Let say my iOS app already have translation localizatible.strings for Japanese. Say “Continue” = “続ける”; However, I’ve added new NSLocalization additions to my code but I want to use genstrings to get all new NSLocalizations without having to merge them manually. Is there any way to do that?

How to give padding to UITextField in iOS?

I want to give padding from left into the textfield.I have added a background image to textfield due to which text in textfield always start from very left edge.I have tried below solution but that does not work for too many text fields. UIView *fieldEmail = [[UIView alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0, 0, 10, 10)]; self.txt_fname.leftViewMode = UITextFieldViewModeAlways; […]