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UITableView delegate and datasource in a separate class after parsing

I need to set my UITableView delegate and datasource from a separate class (data ready after parsing called by a method), but every time my table is emtpy. I’m using ARC and this is simplified code: //HomeViewController.h #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> #import “TableController.h” @interface HomeViewController : UIViewController { IBOutlet UITableView *table; TableController *tableController; } @end and //HomeViewController.m […]

Apple id account belonging to two teams getting “Your account already has a valid iOS Distribution certificate”

Assumption: this should not be a duplicate question of this, but however is somehow related. I got an apple id associated to two different teams and I get the following error: This Q/A is not useful for me because it relates to having 2 different app ids. I cannot be removed from one of the […]

Difference between unwind segue and delegation

I wonder if anybody can explain the difference between using a unwind segue and using delegation in the example I have below: I have a FriendsTableViewController populated by an array of friends and another AddFriendTableViewController with a function to add a friend to the FriendsTableViewController. This is how I send the data from my AddFriendViewController […]

UISegmentedControl not updating view

I am building an app in Xcode 5, and I ran into some strange behavior of UISegmentedControl. first some info on the app i’m building: I’m building an app in which I want to allow users to order products at registered companies. As an extra service, I want to allow them to see the orders […]

Bug in XCode debugger?

I am working on an iPhone app which is using an external library for which I have the source. During debugging some of the objects are listed as 0x0 in the debugger but the app runs fine. Also, some of the objects addresses point to the wrong thing. These symbols are in the external library. […]

How should an organization with multiple iOS applications under development manage iOS distribution certificates?

I’ve recently had some involvement with a group with an organizational account for iOS development. They have multiple teams all developing separate iOS applications. I was somewhat surprised to learn that there is no coordination at all of use of the organization’s “iOS distribution” certificates. Instead whichever developer needs to submit a build just creates […]

Affecting a UINavigationBar's Back Button Method (iOS)

I have a table view that pushes to a detail view controller. From the detail view controller, when I press the ‘back’ button, I’d like an integer value to change. How do I edit the navigation bar back button‘s action programatically. The back button is automatically placed in my app because I’m using a table […]

Resume CABasicAnimation using negative speed?

I resume my CABasicAnimation with the following code: CFTimeInterval pausedtime = layer.timeOffset; layer.speed = 1.0; layer.timeOffset = 0.0; layer.beginTime = [layer convertTime:CACurrentMediaTime() toLayer:nil] – pausedTime; which is pretty straightforward. At the very end of this article the author states that with negative speed value animation reverses. I can’t understand what timeOffset and beginTime should look […]

Simplified asserts in OCUnit

I just started jusing OCUnit and find the asserts a bit cumbersome. In JUnit I can write a test to compare numbers like below. This test will obviously fail, but this shows the nice, simple assert I can write for two numbers and the feedback I get: “expected <2> but was <3>” with very little […]

How can I turn off indexing in Xcode 5.1.1

Xcode tends to spend a lot of time indexing and being really slow for my project, so I’d like to turn it off. There doesn’t seem to be an option in the menus and I’ve tried > defaults write IDEIndexDisable 1 Xcode 5.1.1 still seems to go through the loading index step though.