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Swift Mirror reflection not returning properties on UIVIew

Trying to get all properties of UIView or UIViewController with the follownig: func propertysNames()->[String]{ var s = [String]() for c in Mirror(reflecting: self).children { if let name = c.label{ s.append(name) } } return s } This works on UIVIewController, but UIView does not seem to return properties, any advice?

Stop / Pause swift app for period of time

My app uses multiple threads of NSTimer Object. Within the one function (called randomly at random times, not a fixed delay) I want it to pause the whole app, pause the threads for 1 second only. I have the following code: [self performSelector:@selector(subscribe) withObject:self afterDelay:3.0 ]; Which is objective C, and I tried translating it […]

NSKeyedUnarchiver error after renaming Xcode project

I just renamed my Xcode project and when I ran it I got this error: 2015-11-14 05:32:42.337 Buck Tracker[3537:1456100] * Terminating app due to uncaught exception ‘NSInvalidUnarchiveOperationException’, reason: ‘* -[NSKeyedUnarchiver decodeObjectForKey:]: cannot decode object of class (iBudgeter.Record) for key (NS.objects); the class may be defined in source code or a library that is not linked’ […]

Swift: remove layer, without removing UIView in UITableViewCell

I have UITableViewCell with UIView in it. I made some CABasicAnimation and attach it to new CAShapeLayer, then I add this layer to my super layer in my UITableViewCell: self.layer.addSublayer(myLayer!) All nice except that myLayer (and his animation) showing above my UIView. I want that label be below UIView. I achieve this by adding my […]

SpriteKit: How can I get the pixel color from a point in SKSpriteNode?

I’m making a maze game and i’m using a SKSpriteNode as the actual 2d maze. I want to detect if the point on the SKSpriteNode a user is touching is black or white. I’ve made a UIImage which is the same image as the SKSpriteNode, and I’m using a method on the UIImage to get […]

AVFoundation exporting orientation wrong

I’m attempting to combine an image and a video. I have them combining and exporting however it’s rotated side ways. Sorry for the bulk code paste. I’ve seen answers about applying a transform to compositionVideoTrack.preferredTransform however that does nothing. Adding to AVMutableVideoCompositionInstruction does nothing also. I feel like this area is where things start to […]

Map Object into 2D Array Swift for TableView Sections

I could not figure out a better way of doing this. I am mapping all the properties of the Student Object into a 2D Array. So my TV has sections. I cannot use a Static Tableview either, if so this problem would not exist. So my code in the TVC let currentUser = PFUser.currentUser()! as! […]

iOS8 Swift UISearchController hides navigationbar

I implemented a search function for an UITableViewController like this: self.resultSearchController = ({ let controller = UISearchController(searchResultsController: nil) controller.searchResultsUpdater = self controller.dimsBackgroundDuringPresentation = false controller.searchBar.sizeToFit() self.tableView.tableHeaderView = controller.searchBar return controller })() The problem I’ve been experiencing is that if I click on it, my navigation bar and my navigationcontrollers header disappear. Is there a solution […]

App crash on device but works on simulator iOS

App wasn’t developed by me, but now I have to add some features. Code compiles add launches on simulator but immediately crash on real device (didFinishLaunchingWithOptions never calls). Xcode doesn’t show any errors. I think the problem may be in pods and frameworks but don’t know how to check if this so. I reinstalled pods […]

How to print the content of a variable type Data using swift?

This question already has an answer here: How to convert Data to hex string in swift 4 answers