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Star micronics mpop iOS SDK – Save and print a character using the blank code page

I have the star micronics mpop. I have read the documentation ( Section 2-8 states that you can write to the blank code page. I have followed these instructions but I am still unable to get it to print as intended. I contacted support but they basically told me to use trial and error as […]

textkit custom text attribute draws big rect when it spans multiple lines

I am basically creating a custom attribute to draw a rounded rectangle in my text subclassing NSLayoutManager with drawGlyphsForGlyphRange method below. Below works like a charm with ranges that spans one line. However, when the range of text spans in two lines, I am getting a big rectangle which draws the attribute along those two […]

Record Streaming Audio from currently playing video in AVPlayer

Many similar questions but not Exactly the same. I currently have my code setup to play video via an AVPlayer. What I’m wanting to do is somehow extract the audio of the streaming video and eventually merge with the Mic Input (using AVAudioMixer?). (think Karaoke app) so when the user plays the recording it will […]

Is there any iphone Class that converts images to text format?

I want to develop an iPhone application that is going to convert some sort of images to text formats. I want to know that is there any built-in library for achieving this purpose?

Finding file type of NSData recieved from server

I am receiving a text file from a socket over TCP/IP. There is no file extension (or filename for that matter) as the data is received as bytes. I can take the data from this (in the form of NSData) and load it into a UITextView and display it fine. I want to persist this […]

Sharing text as a string to another app

I have a string that basically looks like this: Scores: Player One: Score Player Two Score Player Three: Score I want to share this as text to apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, iMessage, etc. What is the best way to do this? I have tried sharing as a .txt file, but it shares as a […]

Attach Local image in MMS in iphone

I have one application in that I convert UIView in the image and send that file as an Email or an MMS. It is possible to send via Email using the addAttachmentData Method, but I can not find a similar solution for MMS. Is there an MMS solution similar to the Email solution?

What is the launch sequence of an iOS app?

As the title indicates, what is the launch sequence of an iOS app when the user press the icon to start it, and when are the binary source of my own customized classes loaded into memory during this launch sequence, and loaded by which objects in the OS?

How do i implement Drag and drop with NSOutlineVIew

I have two NSTableViews on screen; I just want to drag a row from one table to the other table. I see lots of tips here and there but I do not see a complete example and I’m a bit confused. I saw examples that were totally different to Apples sample apps TableView playground and […]

iOS 10 UILabels -> 1 UIView -> Loop through with Animation

I have 10 UILabels, maybe some UIImageViews. I want to display all these in 1 UIView with smooth FadeOut & FadeIn transition, one after the other. I know putting UIView animations in a for-loop will not work as animations are done asynchronous & will not give proper effect. So the way normally I would do […]