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Toolbar item not showing in xamarin forms

I am pretty much new to Xamarin forms. I am trying to add toolbar items to content page. I am using IPAD Air as deployment device and used sever iPhone/ipad simulators as well. I referred the XamarinForms-Mobile App pdf document. Though its a basic, i am not sure, why i am not able to see […]

Swift : How to get the string before a certain character?

How do I get the string before a certain character in swift? The code below is how I did it in Objective C, but can’t seem to perform the same task in Swift. Any tips or suggestions on how to achieve this? rangeOfString seems to not work at all in swift (although Swift has been […]

Getting the UITouch objects for a UIGestureRecognizer

Is there a way to get the UITouch objects associated with a gesture? UIGestureRecognizer doesn’t seem to have any methods for this.

Force iOS view to not rotate, while still allowing child to rotate

I have a view controller with a child view controller. tab bar controller | | nav controller | | UIPageViewController (should rotate) | | A (Video Player) (shouldn’t rotate) | | B (Controls overlay) (should rotate) A should be forced to stay portrait at all times, but B should be allowed to rotate freely. I […]

Add icon to home screen like Safari

I saw the Bug Me iPhone app and was intrigued by the ability to add icons to the home screen. I figured it would work similar to the way that Safari achieves it. There as a similar question here that said it was not possible: Implementing "Add to Home Screen", ala Safari Clearly there is […]

Connect with iOS and Android clients to SockJS Backend

I’m developing WebSocket messaging backend using Spring WebSockets, which uses SockJS + STOMP protocol. The reason why not to use plain WebSockets is because I will need to leverage security integration that SockJS provides in Spring WebSockets and also other neat features from SockJS, such as rooms, subscriptions, etc. I was wondering if this is […]

iOS 6 Maps occasional Crash

I’m getting occasionally crash with iOS 6 MapKit. Can’t really reproduce it. What can cause this? Exception Type: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGSEGV) Exception Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS at 0x00000044 Crashed Thread: 0 Thread 0 name: Dispatch queue: Thread 0 Crashed: 0 IMGSGX543GLDriver 0x38f231b4 sgxTextureGetImageRowBytes(GLDTextureRec*, unsigned int, unsigned int) + 8 1 IMGSGX543GLDriver 0x38f23160 CalculateChunkPlaneSizes(GLDTextureRec*, int, unsigned int*, unsigned […]

Difference between presentModalViewController and presentViewController?

In iOS 5 SDK, there’re two methods of UIViewController, presentModalViewController:animated: and presentViewController:animated:completion:. What’s the difference between these two method? The documentation says: The presentViewController:animated:completion: method is the preferred way to present a modal view as of iOS 5.0. If I use a presentModalViewController:animated in iOS 5, will it causes a bug? Are they functionally-same?

Detect if UIScrollView is scrolling

I’m looking to detect if (not when) a UIScrollView is scrolling. i.e. BOOL isScrolling = myscrollview.scrolling; How would I go about implementing this? .dragging and .decelerating do not apply when setContentOffset:animated: is used.

Cannot add embedded binaries (other projects) to project dependencies in XCode

I have an XCode workspace created with XCode 6.0.1. It constains 2 (Swift) libraries and one iOS app (Swift) that depends on those 2 libraries. I had stable setup that allowed me to run the iOS app on both iPhone and simulators: The 2 library projects were added as Embedded Binaries (see picture) of the […]