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Added pod files and pushed. How to undo? how to use gitignore in Xcode & github?

This is a two part question: 1) I have added committed and pushed all pod files to github. Is there a way I can remove them and not push them again to github? 2) I know gitignore can help, but I don’t know how to use it. Can anyone please walk me through the process […]

How to suppress warnings in Swift 3?

Using clang* I could do #pragma clang diagnostic push #pragma clang diagnostic ignored “-Wdeprecated-declarations” // … #pragma clang diagnostic pop However this does not work in swift. So how to do suppress warnings in Swift?

Loading multiple tableviews in a UIView (UIView Controller)

I’ve been searching all throughout the internet for assistance, however there has been little to no solutions to my issue at hand. My project that im trying to get a gasp on is somewhat unique (UI is not exactly following the typical norms). Current Development Enviroment: xcode 4 storyboards instead of nibs Below is a […]

Base SDK Missing?

I finally got the new version of Xcode and the iOS4 downloaded and was finally going to attempt to put my first app onto a device. I was going through the provisioning profile and got to the point where I needed to open Xcode – then all it says in the “Device” pulldown is “Base […]

Reloading UICollectionView causing flickering

I have subclassed a CollectionView and using it using to display a collection of images in different categories. For example: Most Popular, Most Viewed. I access each category/page through a TabbarController. The classes I have are: Main class – MediaList – Base class for fetching and displaying media in a collection view depending on what […]

Syntax error before '^' token

I just upgraded core-plot to the latest version in an application that was already running successful plots. I followed the fairly simple instructions to the letter, however I’m getting 20 syntax errors in UIView.h. It seems that I’m not alone, but nobody has of yet posted a solution to the issue. An example: This code […]

NSCF Array Out of Bounds?

I have a fairly simple application using Core Data, and a couple Array Controllers (in IB, no code files for them, other than the xcdatamodel file). When I run my application, I get the following error in the log (the app still runs, but no window appears until I go to File > New Document): […]

Within a (BOOL)webView: How to open a URL clicked in UIWebView that opens a Modal UIWebView

Thanks for viewing my question. Let me describe the app first. I have a tab bar based app for iOS5.1 that is using storyboard and ARC. There are four tabs with a view controller in each one that shows a webview with local HTML files (each view is a different set of html files to […]

Titanium appcelerator failing on build

I am trying to run my app in the iPad simulator, but I keep getting this error whenever I try to simulate. I’ve updated everything, some fellow help for an appcelerator noob would be much appreciated. Any thoughts would help. [ERROR] : ** BUILD FAILED ** [ERROR] : The following build commands failed: [ERROR] : […]

Set the default font style, color, and size for an xcode project

The app I’m working on has a particular color scheme, so I was wondering if it is possible to set a “default” background color, text color, and font size so that every time I create a new view, or label in Interface Builder I don’t have to change all of these parameters.