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how to assign an integer data type array values to a UITextField in iphone

how to assign an integer data type array values to UITextField because i have an integer array and i want to display its contents in the textfield

Objective C – Memory management question?

I know that when i have a property for an object which is set to retain or copy i must do the following. Object *o = [[Object alloc] init]; self.myObject = o; [o release]; but what if i don’t define a property for myObject? Can i do the following without having a leak? Is it […]

In objc, How to convert NSData to AVAudioPCMBuffer?

I search for this solution for a long time,but it not work.I find some swift version,but it most not works fine and it is not objc version. -(AudioBufferList *) getBufferListFromData: (NSData *) data { if (data.length > 0) { NSUInteger len = [data length]; //NSData *d2 = [data subdataWithRange:NSMakeRange(4, 1028)]; //I guess you can use […]

Retaining repeating NSTimer for later access?

I am creating an NSTimer in the createTimer method that I want to refer back to in the later cancelTimer method. To facilitate this I am taking ownership of the NSTimer via a retained property so that I can refer back to it later. The issue that is confusing me is, if I start the […]

In Objective-c how can we have a variable whose scope is the whole class (but doesn't include subclasses)

I created tons of subclasses of UITableViewCell. Each of which is a subclass of an additional BGBaseTableViewCell class. When asked for height, I think it’ll be useful to tell users what’s the typical size of the UITableViewCell. One way to do it is to specify that twice. One when I design the UITableViewCell in xib, […]

NSPredicate for to-many relationship, where a relationship (NSSet) must contain Entities defined in an NSArray

Given the following Core Data Model: -> : to-one releationship ->>: to-many relationship Entity A ->> Entity B Entity B -> A // each B belongs to exactly one A Entity B ->> B // a B can be related to other B’s So in class A: @property (nonatomic, retain) NSSet *Bs; In class B: […]

Why Isn't Core Data Fetching My Data?

My data for for an entity’s attribute is not being fetched upon restart or not being saved before quitting (could be either case). The bottom line is, the data is not showing up in the table upon restart. I think I may need to consolidate my core data methods or move them to the app […]

userLocation: latitude/longitude return zero?

I am just looking at mapKit and decided to make a quick button to display my current location, however when I press the button my latitude/longitude always display as [0.000000] [0.000000]. The mapView is loaded as I can see the map on the simulator before I press the button. Previously I have done this by […]

Smooth reload of uitableview data when rows are deleted

I am trying to reload a uitableview when it scrolls to the bottom of the screen. I delete the first few rows and add more rows to the bottom. Before the news rows are added to the uitableview’s data source, i call the [tableview reloaddata] method. This is because i want the tableview to display […]

cannot find interface declaration for 'AbstractPickerView',superclass of 'AttackLayer'

I have been scratching my head on this one for some time now and was hoping an extra pair of eyes would help: I am getting a “Cannot find interface declaration for ‘AbstractPickerView’, superclass of ‘AttackLayer’. Trouble is i have imported all the necessary header files and the only thing i can think of is […]