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How do I import the new logging functions in iOS 10 / Sierra / Xcode 8?

There is a new logging system in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. But I can’t seem to make it work in Xcode. os_log is not recognized, and neither is any other function / constant mentioned in the docs. Do I need to link a framework or import a header or something? Am I missing something […]

Iphone: writing some methods in a seperate file to acess from everywhere

here is a quick question, i have my couple view controllers classes, and have some other classes. i’ve found my self creating some methods in all of their implementation files, which are doing the same. i would like to write some of my methods in a seperate file, and import this file into my view […]

xcode “compile source as” override for specific file

I have a project that has to be set to “Objective-C++” for the “compile source as” value (no, “according to file type” will not work in my main project). I am having a problem with a file I got from a framework (specifically OpenFeint) that has compile errors when compiled as “Objective-C++”. error: pointer of […]

Xcode 4.1 Instruments Hardly Working For Me

Possible Duplicate: Bug with starting Instruments via Profile under XCode 4.1 Build 4B110 Instruments used to work fine, however now that I have the new 4.1 Xcode on Lion, it is extremely slow and I have to wait about 5 min before it is responsive. Is anyone else having this same problem? I am using […]

Swift: PrepareForSegue, Swift Cast failure

I would like to select one cell in my TableViewController. The text of the cell should be transferred via segue to FirstViewController’s label. I always get the error shown below. The identifier is correct. My code: override func prepareForSegue(segue: UIStoryboardSegue!, sender: AnyObject!) { if (segue.identifier == “BackToCalculator”) { //let myRow = tableView.indexPathForSelectedRow().row+1 let vc = […]

Xcode 9.1 (and 9.2) – Referenced sprites are not executing Actions added in Scene Editor

I have come across some unexpected behaviour when using the SpriteKit Scene Editor, and wonder if anyone else is having the same issue. I created a sprite in a scene and added Actions to move it around using the Scene Editor. The Actions play fine when I click the animate button on the editor. I […]

Search occurrences of a string in a TextView

I have a textview with a large text, and I would like to find all the occurrences of a string (search) inside it and every time i press search scroll the textView to the range of the current occurrence. thanks

Wait until animation block finishes before segue

I’m implementing some simple animations to my cards app. Everything is working great so far but I have just one more detail to fix before I can say it is done. The scenario is pretty simple: Three cards must exit the screen with an animation before segue modally brings up the new screen. Up until […]

How to open Xcode project which has objectVersion 38 with Xcode 4.3.2

I have a Xcode project MyProject.pbproj in which a project file project.pbxproj has the property objectVersion = 38; When I try to open it with Xcode, I get the message Failed to load project at ‘…’, incompatible project version. The version of my Xcode is 4.3.2 I’m new to the Xcode and complete Mac OS […]

How can I enable Xcode refactor options for an external build project?

I want to use XCode as an IDE for developing some AVR code. I did the following 1) create new project 2) select external build system 3) indicated i want it to be make, and told it NOT to “Pass build settings in environment” 4) copied my .c/.h/Makefile into the same directory i created the […]