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autolayout – make height of view relative to half superview height

have been getting into autolayouts recently and I’m stuck on what seems like a really trivial problem example. I have a view that I want to sit at the top of the screen, and take up half of the screen-height. Simple before autolayout – just tack it in place and tell it to expand vertically […]

Custom Font Sizing in XCode6 Size Classes not working properly with Custom Fonts

Xcode 6 has a new feature where fonts and font sizes in UILabel, UITextField, and UIButton can be set automatically based on the size class of the current device configuration, right in the storyboard. For example, you can set a UILabel to use font size 12 on “any width, compact height” (such as on iPhones […]

ITMS-90535 Unable to publish iOS app with latest Google Signin SDK

I’m using xcode 7 GM seed and installed latest Google Signin SDK through cocoapods pod “Google/SignIn . I get the attached error when I try to publish my app to apple app store. Help!! Here are the detailed versions of Google SDK pods – Google/Core (1.0.7): – GoogleNetworkingUtilities (~> 1.0) – GoogleSymbolUtilities (~> 1.0) – […]

Facebook SDK login never calls back my application on iOS 9

I’ve followed this guide to update my application to use Facebook SDK 4.6 to work properly when built with the iOS 9 SDK. When I tap the login button now, a Safari view controller gets presented (shouldn’t it redirect to the Facebook app?), but after accepting permission the Safari view controller is never dismissed. It […]

iOS blocks and strong/weak references to self

I have a question about strong and weak references to self in blocks in iOS. I know the proper way to refer to self inside a block is to create a weak reference outside the block, and then a strong reference to that weak reference inside the block, like this: __weak typeof(self) weakSelf = self; […]

iOS 4.2 – Return to app after phone call

I can successfully initiate a phone call within my app using the following: [[UIApplication sharedApplication] openURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@”tel://123456789″]]; However, is it possible to automatically return back to the app once the phone call has been terminated? It seems this was not possible under iPhone OS 3.0 but I am hoping it is now possible under iOS […]

Xcode 7.3: import Module displayed with strikethrough

After upgrading Xcode to 7.3, I just found that some Module are struck out while importing, like in this screenshot: But after adding the module (so just pressing enter) everything is fine. What does that mean? The module here is written in Swift and works fine.

UITextField's numerical pad: dot instead of comma for float values

I’m using a textField which is filled from a numerical pad. Trouble is that, with lot of local region formats (all european, for example), UITextField’s numerical pad has comma instead dot, so everytime I write a decimal number, UITextField can’t recognise the decimal comma and it round number; for example 23,07 become 23. How can […]

How to calculate UILabel width based on text length?

I want to display an image next to a UILabel, however UILabel has variable text length, so I don’t know where to place the image. How can I accomplish this?

Error “library not found for”

I’m having a error after I put in my app a admob. yesterday the app worked fine but today it did not worked anymore .. the error is as follows: ld: library not found for -lGoogleAdMobAds clang: error: linker command failed with exit code 1 (use -v to see invocation) how to fix it ? […]