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How can I customize an iOS alert view?

I want to create a custom alert view within my iOS application. For example, I want to put some images in this alert, and change its color. I know how to create a normal UIAlertView, but is there a way to customize an alert view?

UITextField border color

I have really great wish to set my own color to UITextField border. But so far I could find out how to change the border line style only. I’ve used background property to set background color in such way: self.textField.backgroundColor = textFieldColor; But I have to change color of UITextField border too. And my question […]

SecItemAdd always returns error -34018 in Xcode 8 in iOS 10 simulator

Update: This issue has been fixed in Xcode 8.2. Keychain works in the simulator without enabling keychain sharing. Why am I always receiving error -34018 when calling SecItemAdd function in Xcode 8 / iOS 10 simulator? Steps to Reproduce Create a new Single page iOS app project in Xcode 8. Run the following code in […]

Remove all subviews?

When my app gets back to its root view controller, in the viewDidAppear: method I need to remove all subviews. How can I do this?

Disable iOS8 Quicktype Keyboard programmatically on UITextView

I’m trying to update an app for iOS8, which has a chat interface, but the new Quicktype keyboard hides the text view, so I would like to turn it off programmatically or in interface builder. Is it possible somehow or only the users can turn it off in the device settings? I know there is […]

How to disable back swipe gesture in UINavigationController on iOS 7

In iOS 7 Apple added a new default navigation behavior. You can swipe from the left edge of the screen to go back on the navigation stack. But in my app, this behavior conflicts with my custom left menu. So, is it possible to disable this new gesture in UINavigationController?

How do I Disable the swipe gesture of UIPageViewController?

In my case parent UIViewController contains UIPageViewController which contains UINavigationController which contains UIViewController. I want to add a swipe gesture to the last view controller, but swipes are handled as if they belong to page view controller. I tried to do this both programmatically and via xib but with no result. So as I understand […]

Unable to make outlet connection to a constraint in IB

I am running XCode 5 with iOS 7. I need to dynamically change the height constraint of a UITextView prior to its layout. I have seen many postings stating that this can be done by making an outlet connection from the constraint in IB to the source code. I am trying to make the connection […]

Removing the title text of an iOS UIBarButtonItem

What I wanted to do is to remove the text from the ‘Back’ button of a UIBarButtonItem, leaving only the blue chevron on the navigation bar. Keep in mind that I’m developing for iOS 7. I’ve tried several methods, including, but not limited to: This is the image method which I did not like (the […]

How do I get my AVPlayer to play while app is in background?

I’ve done my homework… been reading here, the docs, googling, stackoverflowing… but still no luck in making my sound stick when the user makes the app go into the background. What I have done so far: Added the UIBackgroundModes, audio to the plist-file. First this code: radioAudio = [[AVAudioSession alloc] init]; [radioAudio setCategory:AVAudioSessionCategoryPlayback error:nil]; [radioAudio […]