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Alamofire with a self-signed certificate / ServerTrustPolicy

I want to use Alamofire to communicate with my server over a https connection with a self signed certificate. My environment runs on localhost. I’ve tried to connect, but the response all the time looks like this: Success: false Response String: nil I’ve done it with the following code: import Foundation import UIKit import Alamofire […]

Xcode 5 storyboard compile failure

I’m running Xcode 5 and building for iOS 7. When I try to build this project for archiving I get this error. I get it on my local machine and on my jenkins build server. I have gone through the storyboard and I am not finding any reason for this error. It builds just fine […]

Move data/images between two iOS apps using custom URL handler

After googling around and searching SO for a while, I stil couldn’t find an answer – I’ve wondered, How could I transfer data between two of my apps using custom URL handlers? Specifically images or an NSData object for that matter. I know about being able to open specific parts of my app using custom […]

How could we integrate the Captcha in iOS application?

I googled for integration of Captcha in iOS app but do not found any relevant way to do so. Even i sign up with reCAPTCHA and searched whether the plugins for Captcha are available for iOS or not? I didn’t found any plugin for iOS there. Somewhere while RND i come to know that “its […]

Get the data from NSURLSession DownloadTaskWithRequest from completion handler

So i’m having hard time understanding something. This are the things i understand about NSURSession : Generally , I have 2 options for (as far as i know) DataTask(e.x dataTaskWithRequest) And DownloadTask(e.x DownloadTaskWithRequest) – Using thier delegate method , or use the completion handler , Cant do both. I have managed to receive DATA using […]

Is it possible to let somebody else upload and distribute my app in Apple's App Store?

The scenario: I built an application. The customers like it but one of them wants the app to be customized. The idea is that I do the customizing, build the application and then give it to him and he would deal with all the App Store business. I do not want to give out the […]

Detecting iPhone mute switch in iOS 5

I know that Apple does not provide a way to detect the state of the iPhone mute/silence switch in iOS 5. However, I have I tried a technique mentioned elsewhere to detect this by playing an audio file and measuring its runtime. However, even though my iPhone was muted, the audio file still played the […]

How to set UILabel only width and height and constraints programatically

I want to create a UILabel programmatically with height, width and then I want to add constraints to it also programmatically for positioning the UILabel. Update: I want to create UI like this:- How to create this UI All programatically Code to create one label label1 similarly I created two more label label2 and label3 […]

Is it possible to create multiple SSL certificates for providers that send APNs to the same Application?

I realize there was a question about allowing multiple servers to send Push Notifications to the same application using the same SSL Certificate, but my question is different. Suppose that the developer of a single iOS application would like to allow multiple providers to send Push Notifications to his application, but wants to control which […]

this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key authView

This question already has an answer here: What does this mean? “'NSUnknownKeyException', reason: … this class is not key value coding-compliant for the key X” 63 answers