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Moving an image with ios 7 parallax effect

I just saw Facebook’s new paper app that makes images move based on the parallax effect. So it zoom’s the image to full screen and when you tilt the screen, it scrolls the image to the side you tilted. I have been able to add the parallax effect like apple has it, but not like […]

UITapGestureRecognizer with target – Swift

I tried to make a simple tap gesture and I can’t figure it out. I want to add a target, simple selector to the gesture. Here is my code : var panGesture : UIGestureRecognizer = UITapGestureRecognizer.addTarget(<#UIGestureRecognizer#>) How can I set selector?

Undefined symbols for architecture armv7 while using Google-Maps-iOS-SDK (1.8.1)

I am trying to add Google-Maps-iOS-SDK (1.8.1) using cocoapods (0.33.1). Deployment target version: iOS 7.0 I have added this pod: pod ‘Google-Maps-iOS-SDK’, ‘~> 1.8’ Downloaded and installed sdk properly. I started adding header file and sample map view loading code from here. I have properly added API keys. In one view controller’s – (void)viewDidLoad, I […]

What is the best best way to disable cross fades on UICollectionView/UICollectionViewLayout rotates or bounds changes?

I have a subclass of UICollectionViewLayout which places cells in a circle. The layout returns YES for the call shouldInvalidateLayoutForBoundsChange:. On rotation, the cell in the initial position fades out and the cell in the final position fades in. By adding the following code to my layout I can disabled the fades and the circle […]

CollectionView sizeForItemAtIndexPath never called

This is driving me crazy! I have a UICollectionViewController as shown below: class PhrasesCompactCollectionViewController: UICollectionViewController The numberOfSections and cellForItemAt are being called but the sizeForItemAtIndexPath is never called. I am using the same exact code somewhere else and it fires correctly. I am using Xcode 8 Beta 6. func collectionView(collectionView: UICollectionView, layout collectionViewLayout: UICollectionViewLayout, sizeForItemAtIndexPath […]

change uitextview hyperlink color

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Is there a way to see what UDID are included in a build?

I am looking for a way to validate an IPA or mobileprovision file, to see if all my test devices have been added before i distribute the app for beta-testing.

Pass an argument to selector

I have a UIButton inside my custom cell and I want to trigger an action when the user presses that button BUT I need to know from which row the UIButton was pressed. Here is my code: – (UITableViewCell *)tableView:(UITableView *)tableView cellForRowAtIndexPath:(NSIndexPath *)indexPath { UITableViewCell *cell = [tableView dequeueReusableCellWithIdentifier:@”Cell”]; [self configureCell:cell atIndexPath:indexPath]; return cell; … […]

iOS 6: how to force change orientation when pushing view controller into the navigation controller stack

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Google Drive Sdk- Audio & Video Streaming in iOS Application

Hi Google Drive Staff, I have tried to stream video files from Google Drive(Without Downloading). But I gets alerts that Sign In. I have went thoroughly with Dr. Edit sample App but i did not found any solution. I tried with downloadUrl , embedLink, webContentLink, alternateLink. All gives message to sign In. When i tried […]