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WatchKit App Rejected for “Failing to Install”

I built an iOS app with a companion Apple Watch app and recently submitted it to the App Store. This morning, it was rejected for failing to install. Here are the steps to reproduce: Install the app on iPhone Launch the companion app Toggle the “Show App on Apple Watch” switch The app attempts to […]

Can Vertex Array Objects (VAOs) be shared across EAGLContexts in OpenGL ES?

Spoiler: I’m fairly confident that the answer is NO, but that’s only after a day of very frustrated debugging. Now I would like to know if that is indeed the case (and if so, how I might have known), or if I’m just doing something completely wrong. Here’s the situation. I’m using OpenGL ES 2.0 […]

More button in UILabel like in AppStore any app description

I have a description of myObject and i show it in UILabel. I want to add ‘More’ button to my UILabel if a description is too long. On Github i have found TTTAttributedLabel which allows to use hyperlinks. The question is, is there some special features in UILabel or UITextView to resolve my issue or […]

react native use variable for image file

I know that to use a static image in react native you need to do a require to that image specifically, but I am trying to load a random image based on a number. For example I have 100 images called img1.png – img100.png in my directory. I am trying to figure out a way […]

Possible way to detect sim card detection in ios?

I have a iphone app that has the capability to send messages. I want to alert user when sim card is not available in iphone. So i tried below three function to check sim card availabilty Class messageClass = (NSClassFromString(@”MFMessageComposeViewController”)); if([messageClass canSendText]){ // Sim available NSLog(@”Sim available”); } else{ //Sim not available NSLog(@”Sim not available”); […]

App “Alarmy” is able to play iTunes song from background state… How?

I’ve been pouring over all documentation regarding background states and permissions for playing audio in iOS and I can’t figure out how a particular app is able to seemingly wake itself at a specific time in the future and play non-bundled sounds. I’m looking into the issue because I’d like to add this functionality (like […]

Why does the LLDB Debugger constantly fail to attach?

I have seen a lot of answers for this question: error: failed to attach to process ID as switch to GDB. But no one addresses the reason of why it happens? Attaching works fine with the GDB debugger but the default and recommended project setting is LLDB. Can anybody explain why LLDB fails? Is it […]

MKCircle is not updating radius but it's translating

I’ve to draw an MKCicle into an MKMapView. Then I’ve to re-draw it when user, through a slider, change the radius. I remove it and I re-create it, re-adding it to the map. But instead of do what I’m expecting, I see the MKCircle translating over the map, maintaining the same size. Here’s my code: […]

Reachability and IPv6

One of my project uses the Apple’s Reachability class in order to be monitor the network state and be notified in case of changes. After reading this article about supporting IPv6 I was wondering if were to be made to this class to make it work with IPv6. I set up an IPv6 network following […]

How to call original implementation when overwriting a method with a category?

I try to figure out how things really work. So I thought when I would overwrite certain methods using categories, I would get interesting NSLogs. @implementation UIView(Learning) – (UIView *)hitTest:(CGPoint)point withEvent:(UIEvent *)event { NSLog(@”-hitTest:withEvent: event=%@”, event); return [self hitTest:point withEvent:event]; } @end super and self don’t work here. Is there a way to call the […]