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How to remove the last unicode symbol from NSString

I have implemented a custom keyboard associated with a text field, so when the user presses the delete button, I remove the last character from the string, and manually update the current text field text. NSRange range = NSMakeRange(currentTextFieldString.length-1, 1); [currentTextFieldString replaceCharactersInRange:range withString:@””]; So far so good. Now, the problem is, that the user has […]

How to rotate and resize the image view with single finger

I am developing an app which has feature that resizing and rotating the imageview by dragging its bottom right corner button. I saw one app which has feature that if we drag the bottom right corner button diagonally imageview size had resized or else if we drag the button left or right side direction imageview […]

How do I add a radial gradient to a UIView?

I have a UIView which I want to have a radial gradient, and I’m wondering how to go about doing this?

How to find the Apple Push Notification Delivered to user or not from our server?

Am new to Apple Push Notification services in iPhone app. I have learned these tutorials and apple document, We are pushing a notification from our server (PHP) to Apple Push Notification Server and APNS will push the notification to devices. In this case how we can know the notification has delivered the user […]

Finding a certificate on iOS

Note this question is was asked in 2001. Things have changed. I have an iOS device that needs to access a Junos VPN. The opaque instructions from the Junos admin say that I have to retrieve a certificate that has been provisioned to the device using the Apple IPCU. I know that the cert is […]

If a subclass refers to a superclass ivar, synthesizing an unrelated property fails

Edit: I just noticed this other Stack Overflow question asking much the same thing: Why does a subclass @property with no corresponding ivar hide superclass ivars? This is some interesting behavior that I cannot find documented in anything official or unofficial (blog, tweet, SO question, etc). I have boiled it down to its essence and […]

Listen to all touch events in an iOS app

Is it possible to somehow listen to, and catch, all the touch events occurring in an app? The app I’m currently developing will be used in showrooms and information kiosks and I would therefore like to revert to the start section of the app if no touches has been received for a given couple of […]

Why won't app groups work inside my WatchKit extension?

I’ve seen all the other posts of SO about sharing NSUserDefaults data between host apps and app extensions, but mine still doesn’t work. Here’s everything I’ve done: Enable App Groups on Xcode’s “Capabilities” tab for the extension and host app. Set the group name to “” and confirmed the extension and host app are added […]

Debugging mobile Safari in iOS 8 and iOS 9

After switching to new versions of iOS, I’ve not been able to debug my web app from OS X Safari to my iPhone Safari browser. My iPhone shows up but I get no options. On my iPhone, I have allowed the web inspector. English: Developer -> Johans iPhone -> No inspectable applications. If I, however […]

Install Xcode 3.2.4, get “Base SDK Missing”

When you update Xcode to 3.2.4, your previously working Xcode iOS project gives you the message “Base SDK Missing”. Something like this: Ruh-roh! What gives? How to fix?