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iOS 7: MPMusicPlayerController volume deprecated. How to change device volume now?

MPMusicPlayerController setVolume is deprecated since iOS 7 Is there any other way to change system music volume? Preferably without user interaction. Its important feature: to increase volume automatically for any alarm clock from AppStore.

iOS UITextView or UILabel with clickable links to actions

This question already has an answer here: Create tap-able “links” in the NSAttributedString of a UILabel? 23 answers

UIButton: Making the hit area larger than the default hit area

I have a question dealing with UIButton and its hit area. I am using the Info Dark button in interface builder, but I am finding that the hit area is not large enough for some people’s fingers. Is there a way to increase the hit area of a button either programmatically or in Interface Builder […]

Type 'Any' Has no Subscript Members in xcode 8 Swift 3

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How to ignore touch events and pass them to another subview's UIControl objects?

I have a custom UIViewController whose UIView takes up a corner of the screen, but most of it is transparent except for the parts of it that have some buttons and stuff on it. Due to the layout of the objects on that view, the view’s frame can cover up some buttons beneath it. I […]

How to support Universal Links in iOS App and setup server for it?

How i can support Universal Links in my iOS application and setup my server in order to support Universal Links?

Basic Drag and Drop in iOS

I want to have a view in which there are vehicles driving around that the user can also drag and drop. What do you think is the best large-scale strategy for doing this? Is it best to get touch events from the views representing the vehicles, or from the larger view? Is there a simple […]

Swift – Get device's IP Address

I need to get IP Address of iOS device in Swift. This is not a duplicate of other questions about this! I need to get only WiFi IP address, if there is no wifi ip address – I need to handle it. There are a few questions about it on Stack Overflow, but there are […]

Detecting the call events in ios

I am new to ios. I was wondering if there is any way to detect the call events like incoming call, outgoing call even if my app is not in foreground. And if yes it is possible then can i read the details about that call like duration, whether it is missed, dialed or recieved. […]

Handling applicationDidBecomeActive – “How can a view controller respond to the app becoming Active?”

I have the UIApplicationDelegate protocol in my main AppDelegate.m class, with the applicationDidBecomeActive method defined. I want to call a method when the application returns from the background, but the method is in another view controller. How can I check which view controller is currently showing in the applicationDidBecomeActive method and then make a call […]