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Keyboard handling just like in Messages app in iOS 7

I am implementing a view that is in some way similar to what happens in Messages app, so there is a view with UITextView attached to the bottom of the screen and there is also UITableView showing the main content. When it is tapped it slides up with the keyboard and when keyboard is dismissed […]

Testflight testers getting “unable to download app could not be installed at this time”

I distributed version 1.0, build 1, of my app via TestFlight, and everything worked perfectly. Yesterday I archived and sent out build 2, and now upon tapping the update button, every user seems to be getting an error: Unable to Download App [App name] could not be installed at this time I haven’t heard from […]

TableView rounded corners and shadow

I have a tableview with three rows. I am trying to make the table rows have rounded corners and also a shadow effect around the entire tableview. For some reason, I cannot make the tableview both have the rounded corners and shadow effect but I could do them separately if I comment out the code […]

Adobe Air ios packager

There seems to be a lot of confusion regarding deploying Adobe Air apps to ios after the restrictions were lifted. Before apple lifted the restrictions you had to go through the process documented here: using the Packager for iPhone. But now that the restrictions have been lifted and the Air 2.7 update we can […]

Auto-updated iOS application for enterprise distribution

Is it possible to make an iOS application for enterprise distribution that updates itself transparently? Saying ‘updates’ I mean completely updating its logic. A possible usage of this approach is a self-service kiosk (iPad) that is maintained remotelly. It’s not possible to update application binaries directly, but I see some possibilities: Application that have a […]

Why isn't initWithCoder initializing items correctly?

I’ve got a subclass of UITableViewCell. My subclass contains several UILabels. I want my subclass to initialize these labels to some default settings that applies to every table view cell of mine. I read that I should be using initWithCoder for this. My initWithCoder function is being called, and I can step through each line […]

How to check cell is selected in UItableview for image display

My application is navigation base. I have UITableViewController.when i tap a cell i need to display check mark in left side of selected cell for indication of cell is selected. For example 2 cell . First cell is selected i need to indicate cell is selected for check mark. if i select second cell i […]

iOS Google+ Safari cannot open page because address is invalid

I have two apps one is free and another is paid version. I have implemented google+ share on paid and its working fine. But when I copied code to my free version it doesn’t work. I have one Google apis project and added two clients for both iOS apps. I get “Safari cannot open page […]

How to install facebook sdk for iOS using cocoapods?

In the facebook’s documentation: Here: It’s written that we could use: pod \’Facebook-iOS-SDK\’ For installing pods in our project. But I added it in the pod file at line 10 and try to run pod install, it shows following error on terminal: [!] Oh no, an error occurred. It appears to have originated from […]

ios check if nsarray == null

I’m receiving some response from JSON, and is working fine, but I need to check for some null values, I have found different answers but seems is not working still, NSArray *productIdList = [packItemDictionary objectForKey:@”ProductIdList”]; I have tried with if ( !productIdList.count ) //which breaks the app, if ( productIdList == [NSNull null] ) // […]