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Accordion table cell – for expand and collapse ios

I am trying to expand/collapse of tableview cells in accordion cell pattern, So that, when a user taps the row they would get the detailed description of the selected row within the cell by extending the row height. I have 2 arrays, ‘array’ and ‘detailarray’ for displaying it in ‘cell.textLabel.text’ and ‘cell.detailTextLabel.text’ cells resp. now […]

Update badge of non selected tabBarItem in Swift

I have a navigation controller with 4 tab bar items. Each one has a navigation controller inside. I want to be able to change the 4th tab bar badge number when I get push notification, no matter in what view or tab am I. I need to use the auto-layout so I can’t use any […]

How access an uiview subview partially outside of his parent uiview?

I have the following UIVIew architecture (x,y,width,height) : – MainWindow (0,0,768,1024) – MainView (0,0,768,80) – containerview (500,40,120,80) – subview (500,40,120,80) -some buttons My problem is that the bottom of the subview lay outside of the bound of MainView. Buttons at the bottom of subview are not responsive. The one at the top are responsive, because […]

Interface Builder won't allow connections to custom UIView class?

Using Xcode 4.3.3, I can’t figure out how to connect outlets in a custom UIView class with objects created in Interface Builder. In one ViewController, I have a variety of buttons, sliders, etc that I’m trying to group into Views. So, within that ViewController in IB, I added 3 views. Only 1 view will be […]

How to check iPhone Device Version in iOS?

Hi i would like to check iPhone Device Version in iOS. I mean , currently running device is iPhone 4 or iPhone 5. I need to check the device , is that iPhone 5 or not? Because i have some problem in my app that need to know iPhone 5 or not. So how can […]

Auto Layout and in-call status bar

I’d like to ask about Auto Layout and in-call status bar. Here’s a simple scenario that demonstrates my problem: Create project with “Use Storyboards” enabled Add “View Controller” and enable its “Is Initial View Controller” Set background color of controller’s view to red Add “Table View” into controller’s view The table view should have 4 […]

How to get the nearest area from a list of locations?

I have a API which returns a list of different areas within a city with the weather at that area. I want to get the nearest area based on my current location. API returns Area Latitude Longitude Weather How to find the nearest area based on this data?

iOS bad access impossible to find

I’m stuck with a stupid bad access since so many hours. I’m totally unable to find it. I hope some of you will be able to show me the answer into the light. In the code bellow it appear on the line : NSString * stringCallVisit = [[NSString alloc]initWithFormat:….. I can’t understand, all the objects […]

UIButton in Swift is not registering touches

I’m trying to create a UIButton using Swift. It compiles fine and I can see my button in the simulator, but when I click it, nothing happens. This is the code I am using: let settings = UIButton() settings.addTarget(self, action: “touchedSet:”, forControlEvents: UIControlEvents.TouchUpInside) settings.setTitle(“Settings”, forState: .Normal) settings.frame = CGRectMake(0, 530, 150, 50) scrollView.addSubview(settings) In the […]

ends with (suffix) and contains string search using MATCH in SQLite FTS

I am using SQLite FTS extension in my iOS application. It performs well but the problem is that it matches only string prefixes (or starts with keyword search). i.e. SELECT FROM tablename WHERE columnname MATCH ‘searchterm*’ works but SELECT FROM tablename WHERE columnname MATCH ‘*searchterm’ or SELECT FROM tablename WHERE columnname MATCH ‘*searchterm*’ does not. […]