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iPhone – Where is the file stored on the computer?

When running an app on the iPhone (for example when you can do it in another way testing some GPS or camera feature), where can I find and check the file created by NSUserDefaults to save the standardUserDefaults ? I’m running XCode 4.

coredata – fetch one attribute into an array

Aim: I would like to fetch the value of one attribute (from an entity) from the database (core data) into an array. Example Entity Name = Employees Attribute = employeeID I just want all the employeeIDs populated into an array / set. Question Given below is my implementation, I just feel it is kind of […]

If background applications can't launch automatically how does Cardcase launch on a location change?

The Cardcase application lets you know if you approach a shop which you have a previous relationship with (if you’ve set up a tab for payments there etc.). If background running applications cannot be started automatically on device boot, how does this app therefore work? Edited to make my question clearer: I am not asking […]

How to move text from right to left in ios programatically

I want to show some text in my app like moving text (Scrolling with animation from right to left). I don’t know how to do this Programatically? I took UIViewcontroller.I am developing in the top side of UIViewController the text will move from right to left.

CVOpenGLESTextureCache vs glTexSubImage2D on iOS

My OpenGL app uses OpenGL to render a texture in full screen and updates part of it at regular intervals. So far, I’ve been using glTexImage2D to push my initial texture and then I update the dirty regions with glTexSubImage2D. To do that, I’m using single buffering. This works well. I’ve seen that there might […]

Push notification for development certificate

How can I send push notifications to a build which is running under a development provisioning profile? Can anyone please help me?

Overlapping UITableViewCell content views

I have this table whose cells look like this: As you can see, the top border of every cell is supposed to overlap with the cell above. Right now, this border is part of the background (no overlapping so far). Now, I’ve separated the border from the background and my cell creation code looks like […]

How can I rearrange UITabBarController items using the Storyboard?

Hi I have a UITabBarController in XCode 4.5 as the root controller with many tabs I need to change the order to. The only thing that works for me is remove the relationships and add them again in the desired order that I want the tabbar items to appear. Is there another way to do […]

Difference between launch image and splash screen

I was going through IOS Human Interface Guidelines. It was mentioned as Display a launch image that closely resembles the first screen of the application. This practice decrease the perceived launch time of your application. Avoid displaying an About Window or a splash screen. In general, try to avoid providing any type of startup experience […]

Low quality of capture view context on iPad

I need capture specific UIView , but the result is in low quality how can fix this and increase the quality ? UIGraphicsBeginImageContext(captureView.bounds.size); [captureView.layer renderInContext:UIGraphicsGetCurrentContext()]; UIImage *screenshot = UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext(); UIImageWriteToSavedPhotosAlbum(screenshot, nil, nil, nil); UIGraphicsEndImageContext();