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Custom nav bar styling – iOS

Possible Duplicate: How to add background image on iphone Navigation bar? iOS – How did the NY Times do this custom top navigation bar styling? And for that matter, the bottom one? Thanks…

UITableView with static cells does not appear

I have created a new Xcode project using Storyboards (tab view template). I added a couple of view controllers to my storyboard, and wanted to use a UITableView with static cells for one. I created it, but when I run in the simulator the cells don’t appear. I haven’t changed anything in the project except […]

Can UIView be copied?

Simply using this way UIView* view2 = [view1 copy]; //view1 existed This will cause simulator can not launch this app. Try retain, UIView* view2 = [view1 retain]; //view1 existed //modify view2 frame etc Any modifications to view2 will apply to view1, I understand that view2 share same memory with view1. Why can’t UIView be copied? […]

resizing a UIImage without loading it entirely into memory?

I’m developing an application where a user could potentially try and load very very large images. These images are first displayed as thumbnails in a table view. My original code would crash on large images, so I’m rewriting it to first download the image directly to disk. Is there a known way to resize an […]

How to use Namespaces in Swift?

The documentation only mentions nested types, but it’s not clear if they can be used as namespaces. I haven’t found any explicit mentioning of namespaces.

How to add a 'Done' button to numpad keyboard in iOS

So, the numpad keyboard doesn’t come with a ‘Done’ or ‘Next’ button by default so I’d like to add one. In iOS 6 and below there were some tricks to add a button to the keyboard but they don’t seem to be working in iOS 7. First I subscribe to the keyboard showing notification [[NSNotificationCenter […]

Ignore certain exceptions when using Xcode's All Exceptions breakpoint

I have an All Exceptions breakpoint configured in Xcode: Sometimes Xcode will stop on a line like: [managedObjectContext save:&error]; with the following backtrace: but the program continues on as if nothing happened if you click Continue. How can I ignore these “normal” exceptions, but still have the debugger stop on exceptions in my own code? […]

required iPv6 compatibility – iOS app rejected by apple

after June 1, I submit my ionic app to itunes connect and I got the message from apple. Apps are reviewed on an IPv6 network. Please ensure that your app supports IPv6 networks, as IPv6 compatibility is required. For information about supporting IPv6 Networks, refer to Supporting iPv6 DNS64/NAT64 Networks. For a networking overview, please […]

Parsing nested Array of Dictionaries using Object Mapper

I am parsing a web api response which is an array of dictionaries. Each dictionary in turn has a nested array of dictionaries. How do i parse it? Pl provide with some code sample. My api response is, ( { FilingStatusId = 0; FormName = “MISC”; OrderId = 0; RecipientList = ( { FilingStatusId = […]

iOS Safari – How to disable overscroll but allow scrollable divs to scroll normally?

I’m working on an iPad-based web app, and need to prevent overscrolling so that it seems less like a web page. I’m currently using this to freeze the viewport and disable overscroll: document.body.addEventListener(‘touchmove’,function(e){ e.preventDefault(); }); This works great to disable overscroll but my app has several scrollable divs, and the above code prevents them from […]