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How to know the UITableview row number

I have a UITableViewCell with UISwitch as accessoryview of each cell. When I change the value of the switch in a cell, how can I know in which row the switch is? I need the row number in the switch value changed event.

iOS 7: UITableView shows under status bar

The first screen of my application is a UITableViewController without a navigation bar, which means that the content flows under the status bar so there’s a lot of text collisions. I’ve adjusted both the properties for Under top bars and Adjust scroll view insets which do actually stop it from scrolling under, but at the […]

How to navigate through textfields (Next / Done Buttons)

How can I navigate through all my text fields with the “Next” Button on the iPhone Keyboard? The last text field should close the Keyboard. I’ve setup the IB the Buttons (Next / Done) but now I’m stuck. I implemented the textFieldShouldReturn action but now the Next and Done Buttons close the Keyboard.

iPhone App Minus App Store?

If I create an application on my Mac, is there any way I can get it to run on an iPhone without going through the app store? It doesn’t matter if the iPhone has to be jailbroken, as long as I can still run an application created using the official SDK. For reasons I won’t […]

How can I change image tintColor in iOS and WatchKit

I have an UIImageView called “theImageView”, with UIImage in a single color (transparent background) just like the left black heart below. How can I change the tint color of this image programmatically in iOS 7 or above, as per the tint method used in the iOS 7+ Navigation Bar icons? Can this method also work […]

What's the best way to develop a sideswipe menu like the one in Facebook's new iOS app?

It appears that side-swipe menus are becoming a more common interface element as more information gets crammed into each iPhone app. Facebook has included it in their latest version and the new Gmail app appears to include it as well. I was wondering if anybody had thoughts on the most efficient way of developing something […]

Get button click inside UI table view cell

I have a ViewController with tableview and a separate nib for the table cell template. The Cell template has some buttons. I want to access the button click along with the index of the cell clicked inside the View controller where I have defined the Table view. So I have ViewController.h and ViewController.m where I […]

Crash when presenting a ViewController from modally presented ViewController

In our production app we do have crash reports on presenting a ViewController from a modally presented `ViewController. We have a BackgroundForegroundDelegate. Whenever the app enters the background it’ll present a Lockscreen on top of the current ViewController. AppDelegate: func applicationDidEnterBackground(_ application: UIApplication) { backgroundForegroundDelegate?.applicationDidEnterBackground() } func applicationWillEnterForeground(_ application: UIApplication) { backgroundForegroundDelegate?.applicationWillEnterForeground() } LockScreenViewController: class […]

UIView with rounded corners and drop shadow?

I’ve literally tried everything I could but none of them work for a custom UIView… I just wanted a blank white view with rounded corners and a light drop shadow (with no lighting effect). I can do each of those one by one but the usual clipToBounds/maskToBounds conflicts occur.

What is “Constrain to margin” in Storyboard in Xcode 6

I am Working with autolayout and constraints and found there is a Constrain to margins option in XCode 6 which was not present in XCode 5 and is checked by default. I created a test project then I added a UITableView on a ViewController with the frame set to the same size as view and […]