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Detect which image was clicked in UIImageView with animationImages

We can specify images array for a UIImageview, and it will animate the images very nicely. I have subclassed the UIImageView class. Now when the user clicks the image, I capture the tap gesture but the problem is how do I know which image in the animationImages was clicked? – (void)setup { self.animationImages = self.bannerImagesArray; […]

Facebook SDK changes to Login in Pop-up view

I am Trying to Login my app with Facebook.For that reason I have Installed Facebook SDK. now Problem is I am trying to start with SAMPLEs code of SDK i.e SessionLoginSample .Problem is, to login Its takes me to the SAFARI to enter credientials.isn’t it possible to open the login Page like PopUP View like(image […]

orientation incorrectly reported in viewDidLoad

So I have an app that needs to load a different image as the background image depending on the orientation of the device. I have the following code in viewDidLoad: BOOL isLandScape = UIDeviceOrientationIsLandscape(self.interfaceOrientation); if (isLandScape) { self.bgImage.image = [UIImage imageNamed:@”login_bg748.png”]; } For some reason even if the simulator starts in landscape this bool is […]

How To Differentiate Whether A User Is Tapping The Screen With His Finger Or An Apple Pencil?

The App supports iPad Pro and it has to work with the Apple Pencil. What I would like to do is to differentiate whether the user is using the Apple Pencil or his finger. Something like: if( the user is pressing the screen with his finger){ do something } else if ( the user is […]

HTML5 audio playback over HTTPS on safari IPhone 4.3

I have written a simple HTML code to play an audio file using the HTML5 audio tag on IPhone. <audio controls=”controls” autoplay=”autoplay”> <source src=”>” type=”audio/wav” preload=”auto”/> Your browser does not support the audio element. </audio> The above code works perfectly fine over safari. The problem comes when I change the Source URL from HTTP to […]

Unarchived Node doesn't appear when added to parent in SpriteKit

Previously I was questioning if i could use the Scene editor to create complex SKSpriteNodes vs just using it to layout SKScenes. With the help of @Anton Rogachevskyi the previous question I started using unarchiveNodeFromFile to locate the .SKS file. It loads the sks file as I would expect, but when I try to add […]

How to create .doc file or word processor in iOS application?

I am looking for word file processing in IOS application. I digging many things on google from that i found word file is based on OOXML. It`s possible for iOS to follow this format.Then please refer me if anyone have idea. Then i tried to found another way to changes styles of .doc file. and […]

UIImagePickerController disable iPhone 4S face detection (iOS 5.1)

I am currently developing an iPhone app that makes use of a UIImagePickerController with a custom overlay to take photos. Unfortunately I do not have direct access to an iPhone 4S but several testers have reported that the camera picker is drawing a green border around faces exactly like this: Due to the nature […]

XCode 8 doesn't show images in storyboard

After updating xcode all images in the storyboard appeared as question marks (as it doesn’t find them). I tried to remove/add them, cleared derived data but still all image views show quesiton marks. If anyone has any idea what might be the problem ?

Playing M4V Protected Content with MPMoviePlayerController or AVPlayer (iOS)

Is there a way to have the MPMoviePlayerController (or even something lower level like AVPlayer) play protected M4V files from the iTunes Store? Using the official iTunes API here: I can get a “previewURL” for movies, TV shows and music videos. Music videos don’t appear to be protected, but movies and TV shows are. […]