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iOS 7 Status bar with Phonegap

In iOS 7, Phonegap applications will appear underneath the status bar. This can make it difficult to click on buttons/menus that have been placed at the top of the screen. Is there someone who knows a way to fix this status bar issue on iOS 7 in a Phonegap application? I’ve tried to offset the […]

Capturing mobile phone traffic on wireshark

How can I capture mobile phone traffic on wireshark?

How to create a custom keyboard

How do I go about creating a custom keyboard/keypad that will show up when some one taps on a UITextField? I would like to display a keypad with a, b, c, 1, 2, 3 and an enter button, nothing else. The keypad should work and behave like the standard keyboard does (in behavior) but it […]

How do I make UILabel display outlined text?

All I want is a one pixel black border around my white UILabel text. I got as far as subclassing UILabel with the code below, which I clumsily cobbled together from a few tangentially related online examples. And it works but it’s very, very slow (except on the simulator) and I couldn’t get it to […]

Fade/dissolve when changing UIImageView's image

Rather than creating two UIImageViews, it seems logical to simply change the image of one view. If I do that, is there anyway of having a fade/cross dissolve between the two images rather than an instant switch?

How to add a UIImage in MailComposer Sheet of MFMailComposeViewController

I want to insert a UIImages inside the compose sheet of an MFMailComposerViewController. Please note I don’t want to attach them, but I want to place them in a table using HTML code which will be the part of the email body.

Get User's Current Location / Coordinates

I am sorta new to iOS development. Not completely but not exactly highly experienced. But basically I just would like to know how I would go about storing the user‘s current location and also showing the location on a map. I am able to show pre defined coordinates on the map, I just dont know […]

Sorting NSArray of dictionaries by value of a key in the dictionaries

I have an array populated by dictionaries, and I need to sort the array alphabetically by the values of one of the keys of the dictionaries. This is my array: tu dictus: ( { brand = Ryul; productTitle = Any; quantity = 1; subBrand = “Ryul INJ”; type = Product; }, { brand = Trol; […]

How do I create launch images for iPhone 6 / 6 Plus Landscape Only Apps?

I’ve got an existing landscape only app that I’m trying to add iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus support for. When I was supporting iOS 6 / 7 I simply used the default-named launch portrait images with a landscape image rotated into portrait (ie. for 4″ screens I created a landscape 1136×640 and then rotated […]

Get all of the pictures from an iPhone photoLibrary in an array using AssetsLibrary framework?

I want to get all of the pictures from photoLibrary. I would prefer a method or example that I can use directly.