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Programmatically change height of navigation bar in swift

I want to make a taller navigation bar and I am trying to do this using a subclass of UINavigationBar. Here is my subclass of UINavigationBar: import UIKit class TallerNaviBar: UINavigationBar { override func sizeThatFits(size: CGSize) -> CGSize { var newSize:CGSize = CGSizeMake(size.width, 87) return newSize } } And in my ViewController which is embedded […]

Adding a Symbolic Link in the Application Bundle

Apple specifies in the UILocalNotification class reference that the audio file must be from the application bundle. However, some smart geek has found his way around this limitation by using: // this works by going up the bundle dir, then pointing to the Documents dir localNotif.soundName = @”../Documents/blabla.caf”; This workaround has worked well with iOS […]

ios class not found “Expected a type”

I’m getting two problems in my FooterSelectorView.h and I have no idea why. One is a warning while the other is an error. For some reason xcode doesn’t recognize FooterArchiveItemView so I’m not able to type my object as that which is causing other propblems. Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? How can […]

Swift TableViewCell xib doesn't have constraints

I have two TableViews, when I designed the original I designed it using the prototype cell in the storyboard, to make it reusable I tried to pull it out into a .xib and load that instead. When it is loaded from cellID.xib however it loses all the constraints at runtime, and everything is layered on […]

Adjust cellsize for fit all screens?

I’m trying to fit my app to all screensize, however I can’t figure out how to. Is it possible to resize the cell depending on the screen? At the moment I just configure my UICollectionView as followed: func numberOfSections(in collectionView: UICollectionView) -> Int { // #warning Incomplete implementation, return the number of sections return 1 […]

React-native loading image over https works while http does not work

I want to load an Image in the iOS simulator over a http uri as source. But nothing is shown on the screen expect the wireframe which can be made visible with the inspector. If you load the same code in Android it works fine and if you use a https uri instead of http […]

Access built-in iOS alarm clock sound in my app

I’m building a countdown timer app, and wondering if I can access the list of sound clips in the built-in clock app, or do I have to create my own sound clip?

Xcode 8: different entitlements for each scheme causing errors

I found an issue with XCode 8 where .entitlements files are not being referenced properly for each scheme. Basically, my Debug .entitlements file is being referenced for my Release scheme. This is causing an issue because we implemented the new Rich push notification logic and that requires the use of App groups. I am using […]

xcode won't compile iOS apps, crashes when .xib or .storyboard files are opened

I’m running the very latest version of xcode (4.2.1). And I’m signed up to the ios developer program. When I create a new iOS Application for iPhone or iPad, using storyboards or not it doesn’t seem to matter, xcode crashes on me when I try to open the .xib or .storyboard files. Here is the […]

iOS Memory Management followup. dealloc vs nil?

With regards to this posting: iPhone – dealloc – Release vs. nil 1) [foo release]; 2) = nil; The explanation was as follows: Is releasing the object, accessing it through the instance variable bar. The instance variable will become a dangling pointer. This is the preferred method in dealloc. Is assigning nil to a […]