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Cocoapods page redirecting to github

I made a new pod and pushed it to trunk. It’s appearing in the cocoadocs ( page, but is redirecting to github. The pod is working as expected when installed with pod install. Did I do something wrong or is this something I should submit to issues at’s github page? Edit: It’s been […]

Upgrade live Universal App to iPad only

We have a live universal app in the AppStore. Our client changed his mind and doesn’t want the app to be universal anymore, he wants it to be iPad only. Since the app was submitted some time ago, there are users who use the iPhone version. What happens if we submit an upgrade that is […]

iOS – Lock a specific UIViewController to a specific orientation

My application supports every 4 orientation, I have a UIViewController which is in LandscapeRight. I am using UINavigationController to push that UIViewController, i want that UIViewController to be only in UIInterfaceOrientationLandscapeRight but when I rotate the phone, it switches back to other Orientation. -(BOOL)shouldAutorotate{ return NO; } -(NSUInteger)supportedInterfaceOrientations{ return UIInterfaceOrientationLandscapeRight; } -(UIInterfaceOrientation)preferredInterfaceOrientationForPresentation{ return UIInterfaceOrientationLandscapeRight; }

NSNetService works fine, but can't get hostName, resolve causes error

I’m using Bonjour with an NSNetService to publish a server from my iPhone. It all works as expected, I can browse the pages I’m serving etc. However, on the iPhone I want to display the host name (i.e. the URL, like “myDevice.local.”), so that one can also enter the address manually in a browser (useful […]

update an app which is pending developer release

I have an app which is in pending developer release (approved by Apple). The app was never released at all. Now I wanted to submit an update. Therefore I increased the CFBundleVersion, but he complained. So I increased the CFBundleShortVersionString too. In iTunes Connect I can see under pre-releases my new submission. But in the […]

Gluon Sample Project with JDBC doesn't work on iOS Device

i have simple code with Gluon + JDBC. I can connect this code on Android Device but not on Ipad. my build.gradle; buildscript { repositories { jcenter() } dependencies { classpath ‘org.javafxports:jfxmobile-plugin:1.0.6’ } } apply plugin: ‘org.javafxports.jfxmobile’ repositories { jcenter() } dependencies { compile ‘mysql:mysql-connector-java:5.0.2’ iosRuntime ‘mysql:mysql-connector-java:5.0.2’ } mainClassName = ‘com.mtt8.version15’ jfxmobile { android { […]

Parse array images saving and fetching

I have a mosaic app that takes multiple size photos and breaks them into smaller photos. Depending on the size of the photo, the amount of smaller photos could vary. Now I have an NSMutableArray named imageNameList2 that holds all of the smaller images taken from the larger image. For this example I showed an […]

iOS: Debugging not working in XCode

I’m using XCode 4 and iOS SDK 4.3. My debugging worked fine but now i discovered that when setting a breakpoint, the app pauses but XCode doesn’t focus on the line in the Editor. Also the green arrow is not displayed when hitting the break point. I have a UINavigationController which is allocated in the […]

How to send actionable notifications to iOS with FireBase?

We are currently evaluating Firebase as a future push notification service. Is there a way to send actionable notifications to iOS devices? At the moment we use parse to send pushes, we set the “category” parameter in the payload and the additional actions on the notifications are working. We tried to set this parameter in […]

AVPlayer playback of single channel audio stereo->mono

In my iPad/iPhone App I’m playing back a video using AVPlayer. The video file has a stereo audio track but I need to playback only one channel of this track in mono. Deployment target is iOS 6. How can I achieve this? Thanks a lot for your help.