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iPhone notification when wifi network changes

This is for a tweak, so the target is jailbroken devices, and not the app store. I have tried hooking different methods in the SBWiFiManager but they either are called when the wifi strength changes (so continuously) or after quite delay after the network has changed. Is there any other way to get a notification […]

Hijri (islamic) calendar in swift التاريخ الهجري

can someone help me please I’m trying to create an IOS app using Swift language and I need to use Hijri (islamic) calendar I tried many time but I failed 🙁 this is my try let datenow = NSDate() let calendar = NSCalendar.currentCalendar() let components = calendar.components(NSCalendarUnit(UInt.max), fromDate: datenow) var gregorian = NSCalendar(identifier:NSIslamicCivilCalendar) var date […]

Set Objective-C property by string

I’m wondering if there’s an easy way to set (or retrieve) an Objective-C property by a NSString… It is possible to use NSSelectorFromString, but I’d like an easier (and less hacky way) to do it… Something like [object setProperty:@”propertyValue” named:@”propertyName”]; is equivalent to: object.propertyName = @”propertyValue”; I don’t really want to mess around with the […]

Find UIGestureRecognizer action (selector) name and target

I’m trying to find which action is triggered by a UIGestureRecognizer on which target. Unfortunately there is no property on a UIGestureRecognizer such as gesture.action or The gesture I’m analyzing is part of UIKit private implementation. Partial Answer here stackOverFlow Question 20066315

How to change text encoding of Localizable.strings file in Xcode 4?

I am learning how to localize the strings in my project and I am using Xcode 4. I have generated the base Localizable.strings file, and I want to import this file, changing its encoding from utf-16 to Unicode utf-16 so that the text in the file is readable within xCode. If I strate import this […]

React cannot find entry file in any of the roots

I am using React Native as a Pod in my iOS project. When I try to load a view that I created with React Native I get the Error screen referring me to the Terminal window where npm is running. In the Terminal the error I am seeing is: Error: Cannot find entry file in […]

iOS – Core Data set attribute primary key

I am developing an application in Swift and started using Core Data recently. I must define which attribute to my entity will be my primary key. For example: I have an entity that has the attributes of the class: id name age I need the “id” attribute is my primary key. May be the same […]

Show a view as a swipe up gesture in front of another view

Hello I am developing app which has UI like below images.. I am not able to understand how to create bottom swipe up view. I have tried swipe up gesture on bottom view to open it. But I want to open bottom view with finger (means slow upward drag of view should reveal bottom view […]

How to left align UISearchBar placeholder text

I need to make a custom search bar like this. The problem I am having is left aligning the placeholder text, as well as placing the search icon in the right. I have a png of the search icon that I have tried to use in an UIImageView, and set that UIImageView as the rightView […]

Custom UITableViewCell with reuseIdentifier without Style?

In my tableview, I need a bunch (5-6 types) of different cells. All have the same visual layout for items, but content wise (label names, pictures and colors), they differ a lot. So I have a CustomUITableViewCell base class, designed in Interface Builder with this common design. This CustomUITableViewCell class server as a base class […]