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Ineligible Devices section appeared in Xcode 6.x.x

After installing Xcode 6 my devices moved to greyed-out section Ineligible Devices and I can’t select them as deploy target: Update: This error occurs in all versions of Xcode 6.x.x. There are so many different reasons causing this problem Check this solution list for more details.

Cropping an UIImage

I’ve got some code that resizes an image so I can get a scaled chunk of the center of the image – I use this to take a UIImage and return a small, square representation of an image, similar to what’s seen in the album view of the Photos app. (I know I could use […]

how to set image view color as textfield background color

In my home page I added an image to the view and also added textfield over the imageview. I want to show the image color as textfield back ground color

Convert UTF-8 encoded NSData to NSString

I have UTF-8 encoded NSData from windows server and I want to convert it to NSString for iPhone. Since data contains characters (like a degree symbol) which have different values on both platforms, how do I convert data to string?

How to replicate background-attachment fixed on iOS

This question already has an answer here: Fixed background image with ios7 4 answers

UITableViewCell, show delete button on swipe

How do I get the delete button to show when swiping on a UITableViewCell? The event is never raised and the delete button never appears.

Displaying download progress in reusable cells

I am trying to display download progress in my collectionview cells. Im currently using the parse progressblock which has an instance of the cell and updates the progress bar. }, progressBlock: { (percent) in self.mainQueue.addOperation { // set the downloadProgess var to update from cellForItemAt // downloadProgress = (Float(percent) / Float(100)) if let downloadingCell = […]

How can I record a conversation / phone call on iOS?

Is it theoretically possible to record a phone call on iPhone? I’m accepting answers which: may or may not require the phone to be jailbroken may or may not pass apple’s guidelines due to use of private API’s (I don’t care; it is not for the App Store) may or may not use private SDKs […]

How to Convert UIView to PDF within iOS?

There are a lot of resources about how to display a PDF in an App’s UIView. What I am working on now is to create a PDF from UIViews. For example, I have a UIView, with subviews like Textviews, UILabels, UIImages, so how can I convert a big UIView as a whole including all its […]

Xcode 6 Strange Bug: Unknown class in Interface Builder file

I upgraded to Xcode 6 beta 4 and now my App continuously crashes with the message Unknown class X in Interface Builder file. It crashes because supposedly Xcode can’t find my custom classes that I have linked in my Storyboard but it shows that they are linked correctly in the Xcode interface. I’ve spent hours […]