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“No Action header was found” error message while using SOAP webservice

Getting following error while consuming SOAP webservice in iOS App “No Action header was found with namespace ‘’ for the given message.” The same webservice working fine in SOAP UI Tool. Following is the request format NSString *data = @”<soap:Envelope xmlns:soap=\”\” xmlns:tem=\”\”> <soap:Header></soap:Header> <soap:Body><tem:GetEvaluators></tem:GetEvaluators></soap:Body> </soap:Envelope>”; NSString *url = @”webservice url”; NSData *postData = [data dataUsingEncoding:NSUTF8StringEncoding […]

Size of iPhone device token

What is the size of the device token generated by APNs (Apple Push Notification). I am trying to store device tokens on the server side in a mysql database, and would like to know maximum size of device tokens generated

Different cell size in UICollectionview

In my iphone app,I am showing images on a collection view. I fetch the images from urls,with urls I get the image size also. eg:- let’s say there are two kinds of images landscape and portrait.I get value P for portrait images and L for landscape images How to customize the collectionView cell’s size ?

Make Segue programmatically in Swift

I have two VCs: VC1 and VC2. In VC1, I have a finish button which I programmatically made and a result array I want to pass to VC2. I know how to make Segue in Storyboard, but I cannot do that at this moment since the finish button is programmatically made. If I want to […]

AVPlayer with playback controls of avplayerviewcontroller

I am putting n avplayer inside of a view controller to customize some other elements of the view controller but I still want the playback and scrubbing controls used in AVPlayerViewController. Is there a way to enable these controls for the Avplayer when I am not using AvPlayerViewcontroller?

How to keep SpriteKit scene paused when app becomes active?

Is there anyway to prevent SpriteKit from automatically unpausing a scene when entering foreground/becoming active? I set paused = true and want it to remain so even when the app becomes active again after having been sent to the background. I should add that I’m doing this in swift, though I would not have expected […]

How to clear SFSafariViewController credentials?

I’m using SFSafariViewController in Swift 2 to display web pages on an iPad Air 2 with ios 9.1 (13B143). Each of the web pages requires credentials from the user. However, when the user presses a logout button, I need to clear those credentials. I’ve tried using the following: let allCreds = NSURLCredentialStorage.sharedCredentialStorage().allCredentials for (protectionSpace, userCredsDict) […]

iOS background fetch

I’m little bit confused with background fetch. I read in Apple Developer documentation that fetch happens when OS decides that it should, user can’t control background fetch, while on Apple Developer forum post by Apple employee says that if user kills app (double tap on home and button swipe up) background fetch wont happen, in […]

Core Data setting One-To-Many in XCode 4.3.1

I’m trying to understand how to set up a one-to-many relationship in Xcode 4.3.1. Usually there was a Utilities pane with a “Plural” option, but I can’t find it anymore. Does anyone know if this option was move somewhere else? Thank you 🙂

iOS Custom Annotation: A view below the annotation pin

I need to replace the default annotation view with my custom annotation view. I need the do following things: Custom Annotation view with an image view embedded in it. A view below it which contains a label in it. For more clarification see the image: In the above image I need to place an image […]