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How to still use iOS6 UI in iOS 7?

From the transition guide from apple I know that there is no rounded rect button in iOS 7, but when I see many “old” apps that run in iOS 7 are still in iOS 6 style. I have recently developed an app in iOS 6, everything is good. But after iOS 7 published, I have […]

How to track a user's location and display the path travelled using Google Maps ios SDK

I’m currently building an ios app and I’m hoping to implement a function where the user’s location is displayed on a Google Map view and when they move a polyline show’s the path that has been travelled by the user so far. This obviously needs to happen in realtime. So far I’ve initialised a Google […]

Uploading screenshots to iTunes connect for iPhone 6 and 6+

I’m trying to upload screenshots of my app on iPhone 6 and 6+ and I’m getting a baffling error message: “One or more screenshots are the wrong size..”, see the screenshot below However, I have checked the apple website and the required size is 750×1334 and 1242×2208 In an attempt to prove I’m not going […]

Quit app when pressing home

I my testing, when I exit (by pressing the home button) my app, it still is “running” in the background, thanks to the multitasking feature. However, I would like it to quit when the home button is pressed. Is this only happening to me? Anyway, I have tracked it down to the applicationWillResignActive and the […]

Popover size with UINavigationController in Storyboard

I have created an iPad app containing a popover view embedded in a navigation controller. I like using Storyboard as much as possible, and setting the “Use Explicit Size” in Xcode give me the correct size of my popover on the iPad. But it does not resize the UINavigationController view and its embedded UIViewControllers when […]

Cannot assign class instance to its protocol type?

Please see self containing example below. Compiler reports an error on the last line (marked by COMPILE ERROR) where I am assigning an instance of SimpleTrain to a protocol type that it (in my best judgement) conforms to. How can I make it compile? What am I doing wrong? Or is this compiler issue? protocol […]

Tool to convert from Swift to objective-c

I know most of the questions are about converting from objective-c to swift, but I’m looking for a tool that can convert a swift code to objective-c. When searching all I find is objective-c to swift. Yes – I know I can put swift code inside objective-c project with a bridge-header – that’s not what […]

On iOS, how to make a cell.imageView refresh its content?

I am experimenting in tableView:cellForRowAtIndexPath to set an image by calling [self downloadImage:urlString andSetIntoCellImageView:cell] and in downloadImage, it will call NSURLConnection:sendAsynchronousRequest (iOS 5 and up only), and in the completion block, set the image by using cell.imageView.image = [UIImage imageWithData:data]; // data is downloaded data and it works if in tableView:cellForRowAtIndexPath, the imageView is populated […]

CSS styled scrollbars support for safari mobile on iOS 6 disappeared?

I’m having a problem, probably because of Apple and I can’t find information about it. Yesterday I skinned a website’s scrollbars with webkit css properties (-webkit-scrollbar, -webkit-scrollbar-track, -webkit-scrollbar-thumb) so it displays nicely on iPads. Everything was fine looking and scrolling with native behaviour. Suddenly this morning, after updating my iPad to iOS6, my custom scrollbars […]

How do you dynamically format a number to have commas in a UITextField entry?

I want to have commas dynamically added to my numeric UITextField entry while the user is typing. For example: 123,456 and 12,345,678, but not like this 123,45 or 123,4567. How does one automatically append the commas while a user is typing a number in Objective-C? Edit: I’d also like to be able to allow the […]