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MWFeedParser – RSS with images

I have problem, I’m using MWFeedParser Rss reader in my iOS aplication and it works well, but I need to fetch the images from my feed. Can you help me please? Here is url of that MWFeedParser project: GitHub

core audio: how can one packet = one byte when clearly one packet = 4 bytes

I was going over core audio conversion services in the Learning Core Audio and I was struck by this example in their sample code: while(1) { // wrap the destination buffer in an AudioBufferList AudioBufferList convertedData; convertedData.mNumberBuffers = 1; convertedData.mBuffers[0].mNumberChannels = mySettings->outputFormat.mChannelsPerFrame; convertedData.mBuffers[0].mDataByteSize = outputBufferSize; convertedData.mBuffers[0].mData = outputBuffer; UInt32 frameCount = packetsPerBuffer; // read from […]

Core Data Inverse Relationship Not Being Set

I’ve got two Entities that I’ll call A and B. They are configured with To-Many relationships in both directions, so A.myBs and B.myAs are both NSSets. Here is my bizarre problem. When I add a B to my A entity, I do it using the mutableSetValueForKey like this: NSMutableSet *myBSet = [myA mutableSetValueForKey:@”myBs”]; [myBSet addObject:theBtoAdd]; […]

Single Sign On authentication in IOS requires LinkedIn App

We’ve migrated to the latest LinkedIn IOS SDK which only supports single sign-on (SSO) authentication, in conjunction with the official LinkedIn mobile application. Our app works really well with this, however Apple will not approve our latest version, because it requires the LinkedIn app to be installed for the authentication to work. We need a […]

Why SandBox in iOS 6.1.1 still exists for App even after I have jailbreak?

My installed App is signed with an Ad-hoc certificate. But it is designed only for jailbreak iPhones. I try to directly read the SMS database in /var/mobile/Library/SMS/sms.db. But I found the app can’t read it because the SandBox process denied the action. So my question is whether the SandBox is removed after the iPhone is […]

iOS 9 Orientation Auto-Rotation Animation Not Working, But Always on Main Thread

iOS 9.0 (13A340) Xcode 7.0 (7A220) OS X 10.10.5 (14F27) I have a situation where if I rotate the simulator or device (using iPhone 6s sim and iPhone 6+ device), the animation does not also take place. I am unsure of why this is happening. I am not doing anything unusual or crazy with any […]

Run 32 bit library on iPhone 5s 64 bit

I’am using zbar in my application. If I want to run it on my iPhone 5s with an 64 bit processor, I get the following errors: Is it possible to use the 32 bit library on a 64 bit device, because I don’t think, the library is going to be updated.

NSDate date method returns wrong result

I know there is a lot of questions of this type, but I did’t find solution for my case; I need to get current and correct NSDate object, not NSString! This code returns wrong time (+3 hours), because I’m from Ukraine. NSDate *currentDate = [NSDate date]; How to get current NSDate object from NSDateFormatter? I […]

Slow loading the images from URL in UITAbleView.

I’m loading the images from URL in UITableView. But it’s very slow when loading an view. Here’s an example, UIImage *image = nil; image = [UIImage imageWithData:[NSData dataWithContentsOfURL:[NSURL URLWithString:@””]]]; In Table view, UIButton i’m setting the background image. Please Can you provide the sample. FYI : I’m used the LazzyTable sample program but it’s not […]

Disable UIPickerView

Is there a way to make the UIPickerView only Read Only? This means that the user cannot flip through the options. PS. This is not the same as not passing anything in the didSelectRow method because I only want the user to see that the picker is there and not to touch it.