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How to autoplay a YouTube video in a UIWebView

I have seen a lot of posts in here about this issue, but still couldn’t find a perfect answer for this problem. So I have a tableview, and each cell has a play button inside it. When the user tap the play button, I add a UIWebView to this cell, and play a YouTube video. […]

iOS unique user identifier

This question already has an answer here: UIDevice uniqueIdentifier Deprecated – What To Do Now? 33 answers

Sending data with Segue with Swift

I have two view controllers and two views. In my first view, I set the variable ‘currentUser’ to false. I need to be able to set ‘currentUser’ to true in the second view controller. When trying to reference ‘currentUser’ from the second view it’s not picking it up as ‘currentUser’ is defined in the first […]

How can I disable the UITableView selection highlighting?

When you tap a row in a UITableView, the row is highlighted and selected. Is it possible to disable this so tapping a row does nothing?

#warning: C-style for statement is deprecated and will be removed in a future version of Swift

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Move view with keyboard using Swift

I have an app that has a text field on the lower half of the view. This means that when I go to type in the text field the keyboard covers the textfield. How would I go about moving the view upwards while typing so I can see what i’m typing and then moving it […]

Unable to run app in Simulator : Xcode beta 6 iOS 8

I am unable to launch my app on simulator using xcode 6 beta and iPhone 5s simulator. First I am getting an error message from Simulator “Unable to boot the iOS simulator”, and then after xcode is showing me following error,

App rejected, but I don't use UDID

Today we received a feedback about our submission and we do not understand the reported problem: “Apps are not permitted to access the UDID and must not use the uniqueIdentifier method of UIDevice. Please update your apps and servers to associate users with the Vendor or Advertising identifiers introduced in iOS 6.”. We know about […]

iPhone hide Navigation Bar only on first page

I have the code below that hides and shows the navigational bar. It is hidden when the first view loads and then hidden when the “children” get called. Trouble is that I cannot find the event/action to trigger it to hide again when they get back to the root view…. I have a “test” button […]

How to launch safari and open URL from iOS app

On the settings page, I want to include three links to My app support site YouTube app tutorial My primary site (ie: linked to a ‘Created by Dale Dietrich’ label.) I’ve searched this site and the web and my documentation and I’ve found nothing that is obvious. NOTE: I don’t want to open web pages […]