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iOS JavaScript bridge

I’m working on an app where I’m going to use both HTML5 in UIWebView and native iOS framework together. I know that I can implement communication between JavaScript and Objective-C. Are there any libraries that simplify implementing this communication? I know that there are several libraries to create native iOS apps in HTML5 and javascript […]

Enterprise App Update Distribution on iOS 8

I have an enterprise app that I’m distributing via an itms URL: itms-services://?action=download-manifest&url=itms-services://?action=download-manifest&url=https://$MY_PLIST_URL.plist On iOS 7, both downloads and updates work fine. On iOS 8, however, I get the error: LoadExternalDownloadManifestOperation: Ignore manifest download, already have bundleID: com.mycom.MyApp In my plist, I have <key>bundle-identifier</key> <string>com.mycom.MyApp</string> <key>bundle-version</key> <string>0.2.2</string> and on my app on iOS 8, I’m […]

Clearing NSUserDefaults

I’m using +[NSUserDefaults standardUserDefaults] to store application settings. This consists of roughly a dozen string values. Is it possible to delete these values permanently instead of just setting them to a default value?

Do I need to disable NSLog before release Application?

When releasing an app for iPhone, if I disable NSLog(); will it perform better?

How do I run an terminal command in a swift script? (e.g. xcodebuild)

I want to replace my CI bash scripts with swift. I can’t figure out how to invoke normal terminal command such as ls or xcodebuild #!/usr/bin/env xcrun swift import Foundation // Works println(“Test”) // Works ls // Fails xcodebuild -workspace myApp.xcworkspace // Fails $ ./script.swift ./script.swift:5:1: error: use of unresolved identifier ‘ls’ ls // Fails […]

iPhone: How to draw line between two points on MapKit?

I have Latitude and Longitude of two points and Want to Draw line between these two points with Pin on MapKit. I have googled but Could not find some suitable solution because the one I found was drawing overlay with array of Data points but I do not have any array of points between these […]

Get list of all installed apps

I would like to get a list of all installed apps(NSArray). My app is a jailbreak app and is located in/Applications so Sandbox is no problem there. Is there any way to get a list of app store apps? I’ve already seen this in other apps (Activator, SBSettings…). I have no idea how to do […]

In Swift, how can I declare a variable of a specific type that conforms to one or more protocols?

In Swift I can explicitly set the type of a variable by declaring it as follows: var object: TYPE_NAME If we want to take it a step further and declare a variable that conforms to multiple protocols we can use the protocol declarative: var object: protocol<ProtocolOne,ProtocolTwo>//etc What if I would like to declare an object […]

iOS 5 Best Practice (Release/retain?)

As a beginning iPhone programmer, what is the best practice for writing apps to be used either with iOS 5 or older versions? Specifically, should I continue using the release/retain of data, or should I ignore that? Does it matter?

Cut transparent hole in UIView

Looking to create a view that has a transparent frame inside of it so that the views behind the view can be seen through this transparent frame, but areas outside of this will not show through. So essentially a window within the view. Hoping to be able to do something like this: CGRect hole = […]