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Method overloading in Objective-C?

As far as my knowledge, Objective-C does not support method overloading. What can be the alternative for this in Objective-C? Or should I always use different method name?

Sqlite File Location Core Data

Typically, the sqlite store file for core data apps is located in Library>Application Support>iPhone Simulator>7.1(or whichever version you are using)>Applications>(Whichever folder contains your app)>Documents folder, but I can’t find it in IOS 8. I would assume they would just add an 8.0 folder inside the iPhone Simulator folder, but it’s not there. Has anybody been […]

In iOS6, trouble forcing ViewController to certain interfaceOrientation when pushed on stack

I have the following view controller set up: viewController1 is able rotate freely to any orientation except portrait upside down. viewController2 gets pushed on top of viewController1, and I’d like for it to be the same orientation viewController1 is and I’d like for it not to be able to rotate. viewController3 gets pushed on top […]

Text View Placeholder Swift

I’m making an application which uses a Text View. Now I want the Text View to have a placeholder similar to the one you can set for a Text Field. How would you accomplish this using swift. Does anyone know how to do this?

How to have stored properties in Swift, the same way I had on Objective-C?

I am switching an application from Objective-C to Swift, which I have a couple of categories with stored properties, for example: @interface UIView (MyCategory) – (void)alignToView:(UIView *)view alignment:(UIViewRelativeAlignment)alignment; – (UIView *)clone; @property (strong) PFObject *xo; @property (nonatomic) BOOL isAnimating; @end As Swift extensions don’t accept stored properties like these, I don’t know how to maintain […]

How to support both iPad and iPhone retina graphics in universal apps

Apple presented new iPad that support retina graphics. I saw this link retina graphic in apple apps. As you can see apple just use “@2x” suffix for retina iPad display. I have an universal app. So how to support retina in new iPad and iPhone? Will iPad retina use suffix “@2x” similar to iPad?

Background image jumps when address bar hides iOS/Android/Mobile Chrome

I’m currently developing a responsive site using Twitter Bootstrap. The site has a full screen background image across mobile/tablet/desktop. These images rotate and fade through each, using two divs. It’s nearly perfect, except one issue. Using iOS Safari, Android Browser or Chrome on Android the background jumps slightly when a user scrolls down the page […]

What is the difference between -viewWillAppear: and -viewDidAppear:?

What is the difference between -[UIViewController viewWillAppear:] and -[UIViewController viewDidAppear:]?

Check if property is set in Core Data?

how can i check if an property is set in an Core Data Object? I load all my Core Data Objects in an Directory: var formQuestions = [Questions]() And my Core Data NSManagementObject is: @NSManaged var noticeText: String formQuestions[indexPath.row].noticeText // load with: var fetchRequest = NSFetchRequest(entityName: “Questions”) fetchRequest.predicate = NSPredicate(format: “forms = %@”, currentForm!) formQuestions […]

How to install cocoa pods?

I referred too many links and tried, but had no success. If any one has an idea then please please share with me. I read cocoa pods documents and many times tried to install but always failed because of the starting steps. I found one error whereby I can’t install gems first. Can anyone give […]