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UISegmentedControl below UINavigationbar in iOS 7

How do I make a UISegmentedControl as a part of an UINavigationBar below it? Is it connected to the UINavigationBar or is it a complete separate view just added as a subview to the UINavigationController‘s view controller. Looks like it is part of the UINavigationBar since there is a shadow below the bar.

How to play a local video with Swift?

I have a short mp4 video file that I’ve added to my current Xcode6 Beta project. I want to play the video in my app. After hours searching, I can’t find anything remotely helpful. Is there a way to accomplish this with Swift or do you have to use Objective-C? Can I get pointed in […]

iOS 8 SDK: modal UIWebView and camera/image picker

I have found that, when compiling for iOS 8 (and running in iOS 8), a UIWebView cannot show the camera/image picker if the UIWebView is in a view controller presented modally. It works without problem in view controllers directly “hanging” from the window rootViewController or view controllers pushed from it. The test application can be […]

Objective-C: Find numbers in string

I have a string that contains words as well as a number. How can I extract that number from the string? NSString *str = @”This is my string. #1234″; I would like to be able to strip out 1234 as an int. The string will have different numbers and words each time I search it. […]

iPhone SDK: check if a UIAlertView is showing

I have a method that posts HTTP data and displays a UIAlertView if there is an error. If I have multiple HTTP post I will show multiple UIAlertView for every error. I want to show a UIAlertView only if is not showing other UIAlertView. How can I determine this?

Get the right color in iOS7 translucent navigation bar

How can I get the right coloring for my translucent navigation bars in iOS 7? The navigation bar just adjusts the given color to a much brighter one. Changing brightness or saturation of the color also doesn´t deliver the right result. Anyone having the same trouble? It seems to work somehow, looking at Facebook: they´re […]

How to create a UIView bounce animation?

I have the following CATransition for a UIView called finalScoreView, which makes it enter the screen from the top: CATransition *animation = [CATransition animation]; animation.duration = 0.2; animation.type = kCATransitionPush; animation.subtype = kCATransitionFromBottom; animation.timingFunction = [CAMediaTimingFunction functionWithName:kCAMediaTimingFunctionEaseIn]; [gameOver.layer addAnimation:animation forKey:@”changeTextTransition”]; [finalScoreView.layer addAnimation:animation forKey:@”changeTextTransition”]; How do I make it so it bounces once after it comes […]

detecting uibutton pressed in tableview: Swift Best Practices

I have a tableview with a variable number of cells representing students that correspond to their particular instructor. They are custom cells with a button that triggers a segue to a new VC, bringing up detailed information on the student whose cell it was. My question is: What is the best practice in swift for […]

Xcode 5 & Asset Catalog: How to reference the LaunchImage?

I am using Xcode 5’s Asset Catalog, and I would like to use my LaunchImage as the background image of my home view (a pretty common practice to make the transition from ‘loading’ to ‘loaded’ look smooth). I would like to use the same entry in the Asset Catalog to save space and not have […]

How to detect Network Signal Strength in iOS Reachability

I am creating a new Traveling Application in iOS, this application is highly dependent on Maps and will include two Maps. My first Map will work when the user has a strong Network Signal (Apple Maps). My second Map will be used when their isn’t any Network or really Low signal (Offline MapBox). Why do […]