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How to load a UIView using a nib file created with Interface Builder

I’m trying to do something a bit elaborate, but something that should be possible. So here is a challenge for all you experts out there (this forum is a pack of a lot of you guys 🙂 ). I’m creating a Questionnaire “component”, which I want to load on a NavigationContoller (my QuestionManagerViewController). The “component” […]

Uploading file with parameters using Alamofire

I am attempting to upload a file using Alamofire. The upload works fine when using a File (NSUrl), however, I cant seem to figure out how to use the NSData option? This is what I have as a test: var url:NSURL = NSURL.URLWithString(“http://localhost:8080/bike.jpeg”) var err: NSError? var imageData :NSData = NSData.dataWithContentsOfURL(url,options: NSDataReadingOptions.DataReadingMappedIfSafe, error: &err) Alamofire.upload(.POST, […]

Setting padding to UILabel crops characters

I’m adding padding to UILabel public partial class MessageLabel : UILabel { public MessageLabel(IntPtr handle) : base(handle) { } public override void DrawText(CoreGraphics.CGRect rect) { UIEdgeInsets insets = new UIEdgeInsets() { Bottom = 5, Top = 5, Left = 5, Right = 5 }; base.DrawText(insets.InsetRect(rect)); } } Padding are added well, but last line are […]

How to programmatically send SMS on the iPhone?

Does anybody know if it’s possible, and how, to programmatically send a SMS from the iPhone, with the official SDK / Cocoa Touch?

How to create a multiline UITextfield?

I am developing an application where user has to write some information. For this purpose I need a UITextField which is multi-line (in general UITextField is a single line). As I’m Googling I find a answer of using UITextView instead of UITextfield for this purpose.

Can we find historical data usage(Wifi / Mobile Data) of the installed application through libimobiledevice or iOS APIs?

I have used this, This code gives only WiFi & WWAN Data usage of device from last reboot.This gives total data usage (not app specific).Please find image. Note: This is not duplicate.I want App specific Data usage (WiFi & Cellular) from iOS APIs or libimobile packages. I will use this for Enterprise Application,So It […]

Easiest way to detect Internet connection on iOS?

I know this question will appear to be a dupe of many others, however, I don’t feel the simple case is well explained here. Coming from an Android and BlackBerry background, making requests through HTTPUrlConnection instantly fail if there is no connection available. This seems like completely sane behavior, and I was surprised to find […]

Set a default font for whole iOS app?

I have a custom font I want to use for everything displaying text in my app, labels, text views etc. Is there a way to set the default font (labels by default use SystemFont) for the whole app?

Push notification issue with iOS 10

I’ve developed one application in that i’ve implemented push notification. Currently it’s live on apple store. Upto iOS 9 push is working fine but after iOS 10 it is not working. What is the issue with the code?

How do you trigger a block after a delay, like -performSelector:withObject:afterDelay:?

Is there a way to call a block with a primitive parameter after a delay, like using performSelector:withObject:afterDelay: but with an argument like int/double/float?