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How to hide a status bar in iOS?

I can hide a status bar in my app: – (void)viewDidLoad{ [[UIApplication sharedApplication] setStatusBarHidden:YES]; [super viewDidLoad]; } When I chose my launch image and start it first time, it’s status bar over a picture. How can I hide this?

iOS Background downloads when the app is not active

When my app is initially downloaded, the user needs to download a large file something like 200MB (upper limit). I definitely can’t expect the user to keep the app open till this file is downloaded. So he/she might close the app & the app will go into background. How can I continue to download the […]

Use multiple font colors in a single label

Is there a way to use two, or even three font colors in a single label in iOS? If the text “hello, how are you” were used as an example, the “hello,” would be blue, and the “how are you” would be green? Is this possible, it seems easier than creating multiple labels

UIPageViewController and storyboard

I’m trying to configure a UIPageViewController SPECIFICALLY from storyboard: TutorialPageViewController.h #import <UIKit/UIKit.h> @interface TutorialPageViewController : UIPageViewController <UIPageViewControllerDelegate, UIPageViewControllerDataSource> @end TutorialPageViewController.m #import “TutorialPageViewController.h” @interface TutorialPageViewController () @property (assign, nonatomic) NSInteger index; @end @implementation TutorialPageViewController { NSArray *myViewControllers; } – (id)initWithNibName:(NSString *)nibNameOrNil bundle:(NSBundle *)nibBundleOrNil { self = [super initWithNibName:nibNameOrNil bundle:nibBundleOrNil]; if (self) { // Custom initialization } […]

Passing data back from view controllers Xcode

A couple of weeks ago I asked this question and got a very detailed explanation. Now I would like to pass data back to the first ViewController but I keep getting stuck using the same method. I have a modal of the first VC to the second, where I would like to edit an array […]

How to specify size for iPhone 6/7 customised edge-to-edge image?

Say I want a bundled image to take up all available screen width in an iPhone app – for example a banner. I’d create my_banner.png with width 320px, my_banner@2x.png with width 640px and my_banner@3x.png for iPhone 6 plus with width 1242px. But the resolution of iPhone 6 is 750×1334 pixels. Still it shares the @2x […]

Comparing NSDates without time component

In a swift playground, I have been using But, this always appears with the time element appended. For my app I need to ignore the time element. Is this possible in Swift? How can it be done? Even if I could set the time element to be the same time on every date that […]

iOS 7 Status Bar Collides With NavigationBar

I have a view controller in my app that has a navigation bar dragged on it in the storyboard. It was working fine in the iOS 6 but in iOS 7 it look like this: The status bar and the navigation bar should no collide with each other. I have seen a lot of such […]

Blur specific part of an image (rectangular, circular)?

I want to blur image rectangular or circular. After googling, I found that it is easy to blur whole image but it difficult to blur specific part of image (rectangular, circular). so how it is possible ??? Thanks in advance

Does AFNetworking have backgrounding support?

I’m in the process of investigating AFNetworking as a replacement for ASIHTTPRequest, and notice a complete lack of information on whether it supports background downloads/uploads. With an ASIHTTPReqeust object, all you have to do is call [request setShouldContinueWhenAppEntersBackground:YES] and the request will continue in the background. Is there any support for this in AFNetworking?