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Emulating aspect-fit behaviour using AutoLayout constraints in Xcode 6

I want to use AutoLayout to size and layout a view in a manner that is reminiscent of UIImageView’s aspect-fit content mode. I have a subview inside a container view in Interface Builder. The subview has some inherent aspect ratio which I wish to respect. The container view’s size is unknown until runtime. If the […]

Select Multiple Images (UIImagePickerController or Share UI)

In iPhone OS 3.0, Apple added the ability to share multiple pictures at once using the “Share” button and selecting multiple UIImage’s (where a checkmark is used). I’d love to have a UIImagePickerController which lets the user select multiple images at once, rather than having to go one by one. Is there a way to […]

How to disable iOS System Sounds

I am working on an iPad app that connects with an accessory that plays sound. When the iPad is connected to the accessory, I would like to mute all system sounds but allow other sounds (iPod). Part of the reason for this is that the accessory is such that it is intended to be used […]

AVPlayerItem fails with AVStatusFailed and error code “Cannot Decode”

I’m running into a strange issue, I hope someone can help. In my iOS app I create a video with a custom soundtrack using MutableComposition by combining a video from the user’s photo library and an audio file from the app bundle. I then use an AVPlayer and AVPlayerItem to play the video back to […]

Linking a static library to an iOS project in XCode 4

I have a project (AQGridView) that compiles to a static library, but I can’t seem to add it to my project. Dragging in the project to my project creates a workspace, and if I try to link the libAQGridView.a file from the DerivedData directory it doesn’t recognize it as a library. I’m not sure what […]

How to apply blur to a UIView?

Right now I am building an iPhone app that requires blurring an entire UIView. How can I achieve this? I have seen this framework, but I don’t think that works with UIView. Is there an alternate way to blur an UIView? UPDATE: Check for my updated answer below, adding more relevance with the advent of […]

UICollectionView: Animate cell size change on selection

What I want to do is change the size of an UICollectionViewCell, and to animate that change, when the cell is selected. I already managed to do that unanimated by marking a cell as selected in collectionView: didSelectItemAtIndexPath: and then calling reloadData on my UICollectionView, displaying the selected cell with a different size. Nevertheless, this […]

How to add more details in MKAnnotation in iOS

I want to add more details in MKAnnotation like location title, description, date, location name. So it will be four lines that are needed. But I found that only 2 parameters can be passed to MKAnnotation which are title and subtitle. How can I add more details on the map? Plz help me..Thanks in advance.

How do I upload a video to YouTube from within an iOS application?

In my iOS application I need to support the upload of videos to YouTube. Is it possible to upload a video to YouTube within this application? If so, how can I implement this?

Install Simulator SDK 4.3 to Xcode 4.4 on Mountain Lion

I want to install SDK 4.3 in xcode 4.4 on mountain lion (os x 10.8), but when I installed the 4.3 sdk package from xcode 4.1 and launched the simulator from xcode 4.4, the simulator just told me that the ios simulator could not find the sdk. The sdk may need to be reinstalled, which […]