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Phone number formatting

I have a text field where the user enters data. It’s a phone number field. If the user enters 1234567890, I want it displayed as (123)-(456)-7890 as the user types. How is this possible?

How to select Multiple images from UIImagePickerController

This question already has an answer here: Select Multiple Images (UIImagePickerController or Share UI) 3 answers

Use Xcode 7 with iOS 10

I want to use Xcode 7 with iOS 10. As I understand, working with iOS 10 beta requires Xcode 8 beta, so I should upgrade my Xcode. However, my code can’t be built by the new compiler, so I want to stay with Xcode 7. How can I achieve that?

IOS7, Segue and storyboards – How to create without a button?

I currently have a login View and an Application view, I have successfully implemented validation on the login view and I need to programatically shift to the application view on successful validation. I understand I can add a segue to the login button and then call it programaticaly like so… [self performSegueWithIdentifier:@”LoginSegue” sender:sender]; But this […]

How to build for armv6 and armv7 architectures with iOS 5

In iOS5 Apple drops the armv6 architecture from the ARCHS_STANDARD_32_BIT. In order to keep the support for iPhone3G I still want to compile in armv6 even in iOS5. Did anyone find a solution for this?

Drawing Route Between Two Places on GMSMapView in iOS

I am Developing an iOS Application. In that Application i am having 2 Fields From and To. I Entered Address using Google Auto Complete API.and also i am able to Getting the Latitude and Longitude of the 2 places and able to show markers on the GMSMapView. Now i Want to Draw Route Between these […]

iAd is shutting down. Should I remove the iAd framework from all my applications?

You are receiving this email because you entered into the Developer Advertising Services Agreement (“Agreement”) to use iAd’s advertising network and related services. We would like to thank you for allowing Apple to serve ads on your mobile properties. As you may know, the iAd App Network and related advertising services will be discontinued on […]

Share image/text through WhatsApp in an iOS app

Is it possible to share images, text or whatever you want through Whatsapp in a iOS app? I’m searching on google but I only found results talking about Android implementations. Thanks in advance!

Popover with embedded navigation controller doesn't respect size on back nav

I have a UIPopoverController hosting a UINavigationController, which contains a small hierarchy of view controllers. I followed the docs and for each view controller, I set the view’s popover-context size like so: [self setContentSizeForViewInPopover:CGSizeMake(320, 500)]; (size different for each controller) This works as expected as I navigate forward in the hierarchy– the popover automatically animates […]

How Do I Route Audio to Speaker without using AudioSessionSetProperty?

As AudioSessionSetProperty may become deprecated, I’m trying to find an code example of how to route audio to the speaker using other means. Previously I did the following: -(void)setSpeakerEnabled { debugLog(@”%s”,__FUNCTION__); UInt32 audioRouteOverride = kAudioSessionOverrideAudioRoute_Speaker; AudioSessionSetProperty ( kAudioSessionProperty_OverrideAudioRoute, sizeof (audioRouteOverride), &audioRouteOverride ); } Trying to get same result but without call to AudioSessionSetProperty.