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How can i display the result of a method in a new view?

I have created an app which starts with a login page, after entering some user information I send a GET to server. Using the response values I create buttons, their title etc dynamically. Everything is ok, but after I send GET and use the JSON response my buttons are being created on the same view […]

Confusion with distinct and indistinct object

I thought that NSCountedSet counted numB and numC twice in the frequency because they had the same value, so I created two Fraction objects (not shown) from my class Fraction, and I set their ivars (numerator, denominator) to equal each others but the countForObject: treated them as two distinct objects and counted their frequencies as […]

How to share all the data i have stored using sqlite database between two devices to reuse the data by dumping in another device

I have implemented an app in iPhone, (Objective-c) in that i have used SQLITE for data base. Now i need to share the data. Share Data: I need to send data trough mail. In that i attach my data base file (may be in csv format?) To re use my data in other’s application by […]

UITabBar appears 20 pixels down?

I have created a UITabBarController and adding to a UIViewController subview. My code is implemented programmatically. The UITabBar is showed up 20pixels down the view. UITabBarController *tabCtrl_obj = [[UITabBarController alloc]init]; [self.view addSubview:tabCtrl_obj.view]; How should i solve it?

Convert NSString to ASCII Binary Equivilent (and then back to an NSString again)

I’m having some problems with this. I want to take an NSString and convert it to an integer array of only 0,1 values that would represent the binary equivalent of an ascii string. So for example say I have the following NSString *string = @”A”; // Decimal value 65 I want to end up with […]

Callback function of output unit of audio graph – can't read data

I am trying to capture the input data stream to the output unit in an audio graph so I can write it to a file. I have registered an input callback function for the output unit (default output) after creating the graph like so: AudioComponent comp = AudioComponentFindNext (NULL, &cd); if (comp == NULL) { […]

Java RMI server and Objective C client

I have a java rmi server and an objective C client. I want to use RMI to HTTP tunneling in order to encapsulate the RMI calls into HTTP requests where an RMI servlet handler can forward the call into the corresponding rmi server. However I’m facing an issue. Let’s say for instance that I created […]

Apple Singleton example query?

I am a little confused by this snippet of code (presented in the CocoaFundamentals guide) that overrides some of the methods when creating a singleton instance. static id sharedReactor = nil; +(id)sharedInstance { if(sharedReactor == nil) sharedReactor = [[super allocWithZone:NULL] init]; return sharedReactor; } . +(id)allocWithZone:(NSZone *)zone { return[[self sharedInstance] retain]; } -(id)retain { return […]

In Table view How to add another custom cell in expanded cell in ios?

Hi i have been working expanding cell for the past few days from some suggestion of internet i found code to expand the customcell. Now my question is i am using custom cell here so after expanding cell i wanna add another custom cell in the expanded custom cell. So any one can help me […]

UITableView won't scroll to certain position

[self.tableView setContentOffset:CGPointMake(0,48) animated:NO]; I have a UITableView that has a a UIView in the header. My UITableView won’t scroll to (0,48) unless animated: YES. I don’t want it to animate. Anyone know whats up?