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Why does one .o file in my project has no Provisioning Profile?

Im trying to submit a version of my app and after building im seeing the following screen My app has a valid provisioning profile except one .o file that is for some reason not included in it.. That has been the case for a while now, and i have managed to submit the app without […]

“Application tried to present modally an active controller” Error in iOS5

I have an error which is causing my app to crash under iOS5 only on the iPad. The below code is called when the user taps on an item in a uibarbutton item : – (void)optionSelected:(NSString *)option { [self.optionPickerPopover dismissPopoverAnimated:YES]; if ([option compare:@”Map View”] == NSOrderedSame) { NSLog(@”Map View”); MapView * map = [[MapView alloc] […]

xcode 5 what was a warning now an error – control may reach end of non void function

So I’ve been working in Xcode4 for an app that has multiple collection views (4, to be exact) I have two views, a bottom ‘main’ view, which contains one large collection view that fills the screen, and a smaller ‘drawer’ view that can be pulled out from the side and contains three narrow, horizontally scrolling […]

Google Cloud Messaging shows “notRegistered” when using iOS distributed app

I have implemented a GCM service on an iOS app. I use PHP to send GCM at the server. It works perfectly when the app is signed by a development provisioning profile. That is, when the app registers itself using the GCM Config, it always returns a functioning device token. I can send a notification […]

xcconfig: Different preprocessor macros for Debug/Release

I have created and applied a simple .xcconfig file containing GCC_PREPROCESSOR_DEFINITIONS[config=Debug] = FOODEBUG GCC_PREPROCESSOR_DEFINITIONS[config=Release] = FOORELEASE and main.cpp containing #include <iostream> // This warning IS shown #if DEBUG #warning DEBUG is set to 1 #endif // This warning IS NOT shown #ifdef FOODEBUG #warning FOODEBUG is set #endif // This warning IS NOT shown #ifdef […]

Memory Leak Using NSXMLParser in NSConcreteMapTable

I’m using NSXMLParser and I get a memory leak that points to NSConcreteMapTable, whatever that is: The leak occurs at this line of code when calling the parser from my AppDelegate.m: I have searched for a solution and can’t see what I’m doing wrong. Here is my code. Any help is greatly appreciated. lq // […]

tab bar click delegate

I have two view controllers (FirstViewController and SecondViewController) and a Tab Bar Controller and I’m using Storyboards. In the FirstViewController user can drag and drop an imageview. So every time a user clicks on the second TabBarItem which displays the SecondViewController I would like to check if the user has dropped the image or not […]

RestKit/RestKit.h' file not found error during xcodebuild

I am trying to use Jenkins-CI to auto-build an iOS project that uses Restkit, apparently, restkit resides as a project inside the main project. And the project builds successfully using the XCode-IDE. But when i use xcodebuild(jenkins uses it, and i did simulate the same) to build the project it gives the error RestKit/RestKit.h file […]

MPMoviePlayerController existed black background

I make iOS app. I use MPMoviePlayerController, but this shows black background. I think this problem can solve by this URL, but I can’t understand use way. MPMoviePlayerController background color won't stick My code is this. NSString *path = [[NSBundle mainBundle] pathForResource:@”movie_files” ofType:@”m4v”]; NSURL *videoURL = [NSURL fileURLWithPath:path]; moviePlayer = [[MPMoviePlayerController alloc] initWithContentURL:videoURL]; //setting moviePlayer.scalingMode […]

error “ld terminated with signal 6” for theos project after upgrade to Xcode 4.5

I’m using to implement a tweak for jailbroken iphone. I followed and everything worked fine. Then I upgrade my Xcode to 4.5. Then when compiling any tweak projects, even a hello world project, it failed with following error: Making all for tweak PreferenceLoader… Preprocessing Tweak.xm… Compiling Tweak.xm… Linking tweak PreferenceLoader… collect2: ld terminated […]