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Can you push a UITabBarController inside an UINavigationController

Is it not possible to push a UITabBarController inside a UINavigationController? I read back in older versions of iOS but is that still the case now?

UIButtons over a UIImageView Zooming

hey guys, this is my first time post here, and im pretty new to iphone programming. i just started about a month ago and have only been tinkering with small tutorial type applications but anyways, heres my question i currently have a UIScrollView thats scrollable and zoomable, that loads a UIImageView subview, and i want […]

Add one row to TableView each day app used

I am building an app that will be used as a daily reading guide. The data is all stored in an XML that will be stored in app, and sorted based off pubDate. On the number of rows in each section code, if I put in just a number, I get errors, but if I […]

Center a UIView with auto layout is just not working

I have UIImageView which is in the screen size (auto layouts are 0 to all neighbours) . Inside it, i have another UIImageView. , i would like it to always be in the Center of its parent imageview(hence on the Center of the screen) , and so it will change its size in relation to […]

How to load a scene in a storyboard from a view controller

I am developing an application that loads a web page (using UIWebView) using Storyboard (I do know nothing about previous xib neither). I have already created a view controller for that UIWebView and everything works fine. The thing is: since previous versions of iOS don’t allow to upload files, I need to make a new […]

Xcode product in red when in release mode

I want to distribute my app, i put code signing and everything and my last step was to set the build to release. I went to edit scheme and put build configuration to release and then my product turned red for some reason. I couldnt open it in finder therefore i cant send it. If […]

Added Mac target to iOS project in Xcode, now 'Error Starting Executable File'

I’ve decided to make a Mac OSX port of my iOS app, so based on a number of suggestions I’ve received I’ve simply added a new Cocoa target to my iOS project, and set up a series of ‘libraries’ (which encapsulate the core business logic of my app) which I have added to the OSX […]

UISearchBar barTintColor clearColor error in iOS 8.0

In my app i am using UISearchBar in xib with Xcode 6. And i have given bar tin color is clear color. It’s working on iOS 7.1 below. But main problem is in iOS 8.0 it’s not working clear color. It’s displaying black color. See Image : Any one having adventurous of this issue.

Mac OSX How can I add plist to bundle and modify the plist

I have a plist and I copy the plist to my xcode project but it seems like the file is not in bundle: NSDictionary *dict = [[NSBundle mainBundle] infoDictionary]; nslog (@”dict %@”,dict); but the file plist file is not showing. Question, how can I add the file to project in a way to see in […]

Unacceptable type of value for attribute: property

I created my app using Core Data, declared 2 attributes, SongLyrics and MovieSongName, both as string. Then in xib I created a text field for MovieSongName and a text view for SongLyrics. For storing these I used the following code -(void)saveData { LyricsAppDelegate *appDelegate = [[UIApplication sharedApplication] delegate]; NSManagedObjectContext *managedObjectContext = [appDelegate managedObjectContext]; NSEntityDescription *entityDesc […]