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iOS – Updating auto layout constraint constant stops working after pushing another view controller then returning

I have a UIViewController designed in IB (Storyboard) that has a UIView containing a few controls. The UIView has an auto layout constraint to fix its height. In my UIViewController subclass I have an IBOutlet NSLayoutConstraint (ivar) wired to the height constraint so that I can adjust it in code. Depending on user events, I […]

Unable to receiving data from SignalR Server in iOS

Hi I am new to SignalR Integration. SignalR connection is starting successfully, But some times i am receiving data and some time i am not able to receiving data from server (connection.received method is not getting called). Please check the code below what i used and give ur suggestions. SRHubConnection *connection = [SRHubConnection connectionWithURL:@””]; //connection.delegate […]

HTTP status code = 0 (iPhone) (objective c)

I want to ask about the iPhone application objective C problem. I wrote a program to store the cookies and pass to another URL to retrieve the cookies. However, I found that one of the return status code is 0. The content of the html is empty. Can any one help me? The following is […]

NSOpenPanel's setDirectoryURL doesn't work on Lion

I’m trying to use the new methods for NSOpenPanel and set its initial directory. The problem is that it only works at the first time and after that it just “remembers” the last selected folder, which I don’t want. I have to use the depreciated runModalForDirectory:file: to make it work. It’s less than ideal because […]

How to print exception stack trace of Objective-C exceptions with GNU runtime and without GNUStep?

I have an Objective-C app build on Linux with GCC 4.3 using no specific framework (only GNU-runtime). I am using Objective-C exceptions (via the ‘-fobjc-exceptions’ compiler flag). Now I want to print the stack trace of such an exception when I caught some. Or what would make me even happier: put the trace in a […]

Having a single view visible in all tabs (UITabBarController)

How can I have a single view (UIButton) visible in all tabs of a UITabViewController? For example I need to keep a single “info” button visible in all tabs, and not add it to XIBs of all tabs and not rewrite repeated code in all tabs.

refresh SQLITE3 (Core Data) on device and app store

I have an app leveraging Core Data SQLITE3 that works perfectly in the simulator. However i do not understand how to update the DB on the device, which i guess is the same as in app-store. I update the DB from .txt files in the app and create the DB, this function is there only […]

I am getting issues if I use @property(atomic,retain)NSString *myString

Possible Duplicate: Atomic vs nonatomic properties I am getting issues (errors) if I use @property(atomic,retain)NSString *myString like Expected a property attribute before “atomic”. I studied the difference between atomic and nonatomic from Stack Overflow question What’s the difference between the atomic and nonatomic attributes?. Where do I use atomic and nonatomic?

Ios – Google places SDK – Get places by location , not by Text

I’m trying to show places on the map. For some reason, I can’t find a function that receives the places by location. The only function that I see is the GMSPlacesClient – (void)autocompleteQuery:(NSString *)query bounds:(GMSCoordinateBounds * GMS_NULLABLE_PTR)bounds filter:(GMSAutocompleteFilter * GMS_NULLABLE_PTR)filter callback:(GMSAutocompletePredictionsCallback)callback; The problem with this function, that it is searching only by text – I […]

RestKit iOS : Simple request error

I’m newbie on iOS development and I’m currently testing RestKit 0.9.3 for iOS with xCode 4.2 using ARC and I encounter some problem for a simple get request. I following this tutorial : I try to send a simple get request to my webservices on TouchUpInside a UIButton. But I receive an ” EXC_BAD_ACCESS […]