Parse Server Push – No Pushes Sent

I am attempting to send a push notification to a user (the devices the user is signed in with), I created a cloud code to do this using the master key

Parse.Cloud.define("sendMessageNotification", function(request, response) {

var Employee = Parse.Object.extend("Employees");
var userQuery = new Parse.Query(Employee);
userQuery.equalTo("objectId", request.params.sendToUser);
    success: function(user) {

        var installQuery = new Parse.Query(Parse.Installation);
        installQuery.equalTo("employee", user);

            where: installQuery,
            data: {
                alert : "New Message",
                sound: 'default',
                badge: 'Increment'
        }, {
            success: function() {
                response.success("Push Sent");
            error: function(error) {
            useMasterKey: true

It does not error out, in fact it says success! However, for some reason it is not getting any of my installations. I have checked, my app does save the current employee logged in and its saved to the Installation class.

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  • If I send it from the dashboard, it works just fine. So I used that to match my query up to my javascript one, and it does not work it fines 0 times and fails every time.

    enter image description here

    enter image description here

    The parse server logs says:

    info: Ran cloud function sendMessageNotification for user 2vigcitsl6 with:
    Input: {"sendToUser":"3Mmzpo0b5h"}
    Result: "Push Sent" functionName=sendMessageNotification, sendToUser=3Mmzpo0b5h, user=2vigcitsl6

    I have no idea what I am doing wrong here?