PDFView setNeedsDisplay:YES doesn't work on MacOS Sierra 10.12

I have use [PDFView setNeedsDisplay:YES] to let the PDF view redraw, and it worked great on OSX 10.9-10.11.
However it doesn’t work unless I zoom in or zoom out the PDF page…

Is there any other way to redraw immediately? Code below:

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  • NSRect      newBounds;
    NSRect      currentBounds;
    NSRect      dirtyRect;
    NSPoint     mouseLoc;
    NSPoint     endPt;
    // Where is annotation now?
    currentBounds = [_activeAnnotation bounds];
    // Mouse in display view coordinates.
    mouseLoc = [self convertPoint: [theEvent locationInWindow] fromView: NULL];
    // Convert end point to page space.
    if(activePage == nil)
        activePage =[_activeAnnotation page];
    _LinePoint= [self convertPoint: mouseLoc toPage: activePage];
    endPt = [self convertPoint: mouseLoc toPage: activePage];
    if(_selectedIdx == 3) //ink
        [(PDFAnnotationInk*)_activeAnnotation removeBezierPath:_path];
        //endPt.x=_xPoint.x; //竖线
        //endPt.y=_xPoint.y; //横线
        [_path lineToPoint:endPt];  //  普通笔
        [(PDFAnnotationInk*)_activeAnnotation addBezierPath:_path];
        [self annotationChanged];
        [self setNeedsDisplay:YES];


    I found that the setNeedsDispaly calls the drawPage:toContext: however the drawing code doesn’t work in drawPage:toContext:

    - (void)drawPage:(PDFPage *)pdfPage toContext(CGContextRef)context
        [super drawPage: pdfPage toContext:context];
        NSBezierPath *line=[NSBezierPath bezierPath];
        [line moveToPoint:_xPoint];
        [line lineToPoint:NSMakePoint(150, 150)];
        [[NSColor redColor] set];
        [line setLineWidth:50] ;
        [line stroke];

    the debug said CGContextSetFillColorWithColor: invalid context 0x0 and more invalid context 0x0 warnings.
    What I do in the drawPage:toContext: is testing and just use BezierPath to draw a line.

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    I’m having the same trouble. The first time I add an annotation, PDFView displays that annotation on the page immediately. From then on, adding or removing an annotation works fine in code but PDFView doesn’t show the change until I manually scroll the view.

    From PDFKit I’ve tried:

    for pageIndex in 0...pdf.pageCount - 1 {
      let page = pdf.page(at: pageIndex)!
      previewView.annotationsChanged(on: page)

    and from NSView I’ve tried:

    previewView.needsDisplay = true
    previewView.needsLayout = true
    previewView.documentView?.needsDisplay = true

    but no luck. I’ve tried scrolling the PDFView with code too but it hasn’t been a reliable way of sneaking a refresh, and in general shouldn’t be the way to do this.