Phonegap 2.1.0 Cordova/CDVViewController.h file not found

I have installed Xcode 4.5 (no previous phonegap version installed). I have downloaded,extracted and created project by Phonegap tutorial :

After the terminal command : ./create myproject ~/Desktop/myproject com.test.myproject I have successfly created structure.

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  • Than i launch xcode and wanna Play this example project. Xcode build Fails and says:

    Lexical or proccessor issue ‘Cordova/CDVViewController.h’ file not found

    I tried to add this missing header in to classes folder, repaired the import syntax, but still same problem.

    Does anybody solved this problem?/HOW?

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    After many attempts I decided to read and solve the problem using ./update_cordova_subproject!

    Create project using:

    ./create ~/Desktop/project com.example.project project

    Update cordova subproject reference:

    ./update_cordova_subproject ~/Desktop/project/project.xcodeproj

    Build successfull now!