physical path for application documents directory

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/Users/UserName/Library/Application Support/iPhone

Assuming 4.3.2 is the sdk version being used. Note that there’s a Library folder inside MacintoshHD too, but you have to goto the one inside the current user’s home directory. Also in Lion the user’s Library folder is hidden by default. You’d need to click on Go on menu bar, holding the option key, to see it.

In Ios 5 this path has change it is as below
find this from GO menu of finder and find with Goto Folder and past this link

  /Users/admin/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator

/Users/System Name/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator/4.3(target)/Applications

here you will see a bunch of folders for each application.Better rearrange them by date.Find yar application’s folder inside that.And you will get your application document directory there.