Putting existing project under source control in Xcode 4.3.2

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you can do it in terminal using:

cd /to/app/folder

git init
git add .
git commit -am 'a descriptor of your first commit'

This should then be picked up in Xcode, you may need to close and re-open

Hope it helps

If you want to get existing project by xcode (not command line), you can follow this:

  1. Open “Welcome to XCode” window (below menu Window, or press Shift-Cmd-1)
  2. Select “Connect to a repository”
  3. Paste your git URL, and Next.

You can read more in http://www.mindthe.net/devices/2011/04/28/12-steps-to-using-github-with-xcode-4/

Here’re the steps that can achieve this, but requires cloning your existing project to a new one:

1, (Assume your project is not already under local source control) Create a new project under LOCAL source control (Please note that adding remote source control at this stage may not be successful)

2, Make this new project a clone of your old project – drag files, add frameworks, etc.

3, In menu “Source Control” -> -> “Configure ”
In the new window, click on “Remotes” -> “+” -> “Add Remote”

Name: anything (you can use “BitBucket”)

Address: https://accountname@bitbucket.org/accountname/reponame.git

5, “Source Control” -> “Commit”

6, Select “push to remote” at the left bottom corner

7, Click “Commit”

8, Check on BitBucket website to see if it’s actually pushed to it