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I have an iOS app using the latest Salesforce iOS SDK. It authenticates users through a webview using oAuth2.0 on the Salesforce site so I do not capture the username in my app. Is there a way that I can query for the username either using the API or the session information somehow? I just want to be able to display the username so that the user knows which account they have logged into (if they have more than one)

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    username of current user is stored in SFIdentityData object

    #import "SFIdentityData.h"
    NSString *userName = [SFAccountManager sharedInstance].idData.username;

    I have no idea whether you use REST or SOAP API…

    For REST there’s an excellent article by metadaddy: http://wiki.developerforce.com/page/Digging_Deeper_into_OAuth_2.0_at_Salesforce.com#The_Force.com_Identity_Service

    Identity Service link is in format of /id/(organization id)/(user id), scroll up in this blog post a bit to find out when you should expect it.


    SOAP API, offers getUserInfo() method (it returns an object similar to Apex UserInfo class). Just click the first link there to see the full list of methods you can call.


    To display full name and chatter profile picture of logged in user in UILabel and UIImageView using Salesforce Mobile SDK 4 you need to first create @IBOutlets

    @IBOutlet weak var yourtextLabel: UILabel!
    @IBOutlet weak var profileImage: UIImageView!

    Then all you need is the following in your viewDidLoad()

    yourtextLabel.text = SFAuthenticationManager.sharedManager().idCoordinator.idData.displayName
    let imageURL = SFAuthenticationManager.sharedManager().idCoordinator.idData.pictureUrl
    let image =  UIImage(data: NSData(contentsOfURL: imageURL!)!)
    profileImage.image = image

    You need to import SFAuthenticationManager.h class

    #import <SalesforceSDKCore/SFAuthenticationManager.h>

    then you can get user details (first name, last name, email etc.) this way

    NSLog(@"userData= %@",[SFAuthenticationManager sharedManager].idCoordinator.idData);
    NSLog(@"first name = %@",[SFAuthenticationManager sharedManager].idCoordinator.idData.firstName);
    NSLog(@"last name = %@",[SFAuthenticationManager sharedManager].idCoordinator.idData.lastName);
    NSLog(@"email name = %@",[SFAuthenticationManager sharedManager].idCoordinator.idData.email);